Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Teasing ~ Aphrodisiacs from A to Z

By Trailer screenshot (Monkey Business trailer) [Public domain],
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Teasing as an aphrodisiac is not of the "Nyah, nyah" variety. It's the type of teasing where you prime your partner's pump (so to speak) but do not readily rush to resolution. I mean, eventually you do, sure, but you start your lover's motor, let the car idle for a bit, then lather-rinse-repeat. (Yeah, I'm mixing metaphors now, but dang, this Challenge has wiped me out. I'm not feeling up to my usual lyrical prose, y'all.)

It's all about the buildup, man. You start off slowly, with hints and suggestions, which gets the most important sexual organ, the brain, bubbling. Drop a touch here, a stroke there. Tantalize your partner with flashes of the Sex-ay Yet To Come. Later, take the object of your affection to the brink and let her or him slip back down just a bit. Do this in a steady stream of starts and stops until your lover can take no more and then give him/her the orgasm of a lifetime. But do be sure to bring about the happy ending in that session—winding your lover up only to leave her/him high and dry is cruel. (Unless, of course, your lover digs that shizz, in which case, get to it.)


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  1. I love the teasing part of our relationship. I really enjoy teasing him just to get his standard replay, 'what a ho! you are such a HO!' but he loves it. And he drives me wild when he teases me too.

  2. Teasing is sometimes a hard thing to balance. Too much and the man might go off to find himself a bathroom for some release!

  3. Haha. Love your "voice". And your blog is awesome :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Kaye Draper at Write Me

  4. The excitement of anticipation! Oh, yes! Great post!

  5. Completely true! The longer you make 'em wait, the better it is!! ;0)



  6. Anticipation is all that and a side of fries. I love teasing touches, but again timing is important. Don't start when the Bears are about to kick off, I'll kill you. ;)

  7. Teasing is absolutely enticing. Drawing it out, hinting and then pulling away. Finally moving in for the finish. Good call ^_^


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