Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nutmeg ~ Aphrodisiacs from A to Z

By Jorge Barrios (Own work) [Public domain],
via Wikimedia Commons
Nutmeg is what comes to mind when I think of pumpkin pie spices, or chai, maybe. You know, comfort food type goodness. Not sexy fun good times. But it seems I should redirect my way of thinking on the spice.

It seems Chinese babes were the first to recognize the sexiness of nutmeg, and some research does indicate that it can ratchet up the game of mating male mice. Though there doesn't appear to be any certainty that the effect is the same on humans, nor is it quite clear what the mechanism of nutmeg is as regards stimulation of the libido, what the hell? It's tasty, at least, and that's good enough for me. Though have a care—too much of the stuff can cause hallucinations (or worse).


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  1. I can't believe it, Pumpkin pie, it's spring and I'm craving pumpkin pie -- hey where's the sex?

    Sex - Isn't that what I should be craving?

  2. Mina, I just love your posts! I don't always comment, but I do read and enjoy them. I found nutmeg at another blog I follow (a foodie one). I love to put nutmeg in my quiche. The taste really surprises people!

  3. Nutmeg is tasty but I don't think I've experienced its aphrodisiac effects yet.

  4. Interesting yet again! Never knew nutmeg was so dangerous.

  5. So a nutmeg hash brownie is out of the question then? ;)

  6. Nutmeg! I had no idea

    A to Z Ninja Minion

  7. A bechamel sauce is not a bechamel sauce without a little nutmeg. Love it. Also Nutella. And yes, I did just today, finish the last half of the jar with nothing but a spoon.

  8. I need to get some of this. I don't think I've ever used it! Great tip!

  9. Again, thanks to all for visiting! <3

    @Angelica - Interesting! I'd never have thought to put nutmeg in quiche...though maybe if it were a creamy spinach quiche...

    @Juliette - Lord have mercy, what a trippy combo! ;-)

    @Elise - OMG, NUTELLA!!!!! ::drools::

  10. Hey I tried to comment on your massage post, but its telling me new comments are not allowed. So I'm combining my responses here. I love a good massage and think they are definitely the sexiest things things.

    Nutmeg, I've heard about it being an aphrodisiac, but never thought much about it beyond coffee. ;)


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