Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Tuneage ~ Cannons

Cannons has been around for a little over a decade but they're relatively new to me. Allmusic's Marcy Donelson describes their sound as a "...blend of shimmery electro-pop and sultry dance-rock," which pretty much nails it. As Cannons formed in L.A., it's apt that their music conjures up images of twilight drives on California's Pacific Coast Highway.

The first Cannons tune I recall hearing is Bad Dream, from their album Fever Dream. If the hypnotic beat weren't enough to capture my attention, the lyrics were:

I been living in a bad, bad dream
Sleepwalking through a sad scene

I mean, #relateable.


One of their earlier offerings, Fire For You from Shadows, slows the pace to share the pain of a love gone wrong, with possibly the sexiest groove in which heartache's ever been conveyed.

Cannons' most recent album, Heartbeat Highway, gives us the more upbeat Loving You, with simple lyrics that nevertheless resonate with my battered, nyctophilic heart:
Waiting for the night to come
Cus I been hiding from the sun
#StoryOfMyLife. #Srsly.

So if you're feeling world-wearied and in need of some sonic soothing, or if you just want some chill tuneage to vibe to as you work on...well, whatever it is you're working on, give Cannons a try--they deserve to "blow up," as the Youth say. 

Here's one more for the road...