Monday, April 30, 2012

The Dark Romance of Z...

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ZZ Top ~ Gimme All Your Lovin'
This is just a fun rock song which really doesn't require too much explanation or interpretation - just give the fellas all your lovin', already. Sheesh!

Z (Band) ~ Did I Mention It Was Huge?
I have to thank/blame My Dear Friend Kellie for this one (BTW, Kel - as of this September, we'll have known one another for 28 years, man. TWENTY-EIGHT YEARS!!!!!!!!!!). Ahem. (No, really; I'm fine.) ANYWAY, Z were Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa, and I am fairly confident that they hadn't mentioned anything to me about its size before. I have, however, duly noted the assertion and will take the matter under advisement.

Zoom In ~ Duran Duran
Well, Duran Duran started this whole Blogging from A to Z Challenge business on my blog and, by gad, they're gonna finish it! Some interpret Zoom In as being about an online game, others say it's about the paparazzi and their stalking of celebrities and that whole symbiotic relationship. I like to think it's more personal and just about being wholly focused on someone you really dig. Anyway, it's got a good beat, you can dance to it, and I am le tired, so that's all I'm gonna say about it.

And so we come to the close of the Challenge. It's been great to "meet" other bloggers and make friends, and it's also been a challenge to stick to it and not fall behind. But mostly, it's been a pleasure - hope it was for you, too.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dark Romance of Y...

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Your Woman ~ White Town
You know that old saying, about hell's fury paling in comparison to a woman's? This is (to me) a comical expression of the idea, the most amusing bit being, "So much for all your highbrow, Marxist ways; just use me up and then you walk away." C'mon, that's hilariously eloquent for a chick enduring the death throes of her relationship.

Your Touch ~ The Black Keys
This was the first of their tunes I ever heard and, as I've already said many times throughout April, it grabbed me by the gut from the very beginning. It's a super-simple arrangement of drums, guitar, and the oh, so sexy voice of Dan Auerbach. Frankly, when he wails that he nee-eee-eee-eee-eeeds my touch, I'm more than willing to...oh, he's married? Damn it. Um, I mean - I wish him and his family every happiness.

You, The Night, and the Music ~ Tones on Tail
It's a sinisterly sexy Goth instrumental. Enough said.

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Dark Romance of X...

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XTC (Band) ~ Earn Enough for Us
I love this adorable song, sung by a dude to his gal, about how money's tight and a baby's on the way but he'll do anything, take anything (even "...hurtful comments from the boss..."), to provide for them all. Aw, ain't he sweet? (Yes. Yes, he bloody well is.)

The XX (Band) ~ Crystalised
A groaned and whispered duet that nearly throbs with UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension), Crystalised made me emotionally erect (that's a technical term) from its eerie, train-whistle-on-a-foggy-night opening tone to its closing breathy vowel. These two world-weary lovers circle one another like boxers in the ring. A very sexy ring, but still...they wanna get close, they're afraid to get close, they're getting closer know how these things go.

X Marks Destination (Album) ~ The Whip (Band) ~ Trash (Song)
You can see I had to reach for another tune to fit the letter and my theme. And even so, this song only fits because I think the music is pretty hot (plus, the chick on drums is a B.A.M.F. - you RAWK, Fiona "Lil Fee" Daniel). The lyrics are, essentially, "I wanna. I wanna be trash. And I have become the trigger for your gun," lather, rinse, repeat. I suppose this could all reside in Euphemism Land. Before I looked up the lyrics I thought the dude was singing, "I have become the trigger for your love," which would've been hot in a more obvious way. But I guess you can't have it all.

PS: I am of the opinion that this song sounds best when played LOUDLY. Do not hesitate to dance. You may even wish to wave your hands in the air like you just don't care, but I'll leave that up to you.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Dark Romance of W...

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Wicked Game ~ Chris Isaak
My Dear Friend Robin seconded the vote for this song (I'd been toying with including it), so here it is. Like some others I've written about, it tells of the woes of loving someone you know is cruel and will destroy you but you just can't save yourself from the demolition. Tsk.

West Ryder Silver Bullet ~ Kasabian
Sounding like something you might hear in a modern-day Western, the lyrics are (to me) mostly obscure and probably not at all about love, except for: "Oh, your beauty plays me just like a guitar string," and the chorus, in which the yearning expressed by the long, drawn-out first word grabs me by the gut and squeezes, "I want your touch...oh, how I want you far too much..." Doesn't seem like a big deal, in writing, but it thrills me every time I hear it.

We Need Love ~ Hard-Fi
This one's not about romantic love/lust, it's about the kind of love we all need to keep going through this absurd and tedious journey called life. Yes, indeed, Hard-Fi, "...what we need now is love."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

...V is also for VOTE!

Esteemed visitors, would you be so kind as to vote in my poll (over on the right-hand side, just under my picture)? I've made the font on the blog rather HUGE because it's against a black background and I figured that would be easier on folks' eyes, but maybe it doesn't have to be quite so big. The poll ends after April 30, so please do take a moment to let me know what you think! (And/or leave a comment below on the overall look of the page.)

With love and squalor,

The Dark Romance of V...

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Voulez Vous ~ Abba
To me, it was a given that this song would appear in "V" land, and My Dear Friend Katy O agreed it should. It's a rockin' tune to dance to and I tend to snicker as I boogie to it (from the safety of my chair, as otherwise I'd be sure to inadvertently put somebody's eye out) because my Mom, who's such an Old Country Catholic, No Nookie Before Marriage, kinda gal, absolutely loves it. I mentioned in a previous post that she's not a native of the U. S., but after almost 42 43* years, her English is pretty damned good. I think she just can't be bothered to pay close attention to the lyrics, which is probably just as well. ;-)

Voodoo ~ Godsmack
When I begged My Dear Friends for help filling up some of these letters with tunes, I noted that they didn't have to be about love/sex/romance necessarily, but that just the music, if it was sexy, would qualify it as an entry. And so My Dear Friend Elizabeth suggested this and OF COURSE she was TOTALLY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!  ::so worked up by the WOOF! factor, I bark incoherently::

The Vines (Band) ~ Gimme Love
You can't state your case more simply than that.

*Edited because I'm a moron who can't count.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Dark Romance of U...

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Unchain My Heart ~ Ray Charles
This song has been covered many, many (many!) times, but ain't nobody who can sing about the pain of being kept dangling by a cruel former lover like Ray Charles. (Although I do enjoy Joe Cocker's take on the tune.)

Until She Comes Again ~ Psychedelic Furs
Dudes, this song is just unbearably romantic: "...and with her step, I move my feet; and with her hands, I feel my skin; and with her need, I find I'm saved; and with her dreams, I'm laid..." C'mon, that's gorgeous!

Unconditional ~ The Bravery
He just wants, he just wants a good, true, unconditional love - is that so wrong? (No. No, it isn't. It's just remarkably hard to come by, and keep.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Dark Romance of T...

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Tonight ~ Kool and the Gang
Remember this slammin' bit of righteousness? It's about a young man "seeing the light" and losing his virginity on the eve of his 16th birthday, and it never fails to make me seat-dance (you know, dancing in your seat? 'Cause actually getting up to dance might put me in traction.). But seriously, I heart the hell outta this tune.

Take Me, I'm Yours ~ Squeeze
I love the trudging synth in this song about the reunion of a pair of lovers...its determined, rhythmic march evokes for me the image of a hero, exhausted from battle, fighting his way through sandstorms as he makes his way home to the heroine. "Take me, I'm yours - because dreams are made of this. Forever there'll be a heaven in your kiss..."  ::swoons::

Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part II ~ My Morning Jacket
Y'all, I don't know for sure that this song's about love, at all. I interpret some of the lyrics as the words of one who's shut himself off from love and, when it approaches him, he feels stunned. ("If you touch me, well I just think I'll scream, 'cause it's been so long since someone challenged me.") But this jolt into awareness stirs him, and it seems hope slowly seeps into him, filling him with joy. ("Oh! This feeling is wonderful! Don't you ever turn it off!") I dunno. What do y'all think?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Dark Romance of S...

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Ohmigosh, y'all - "S" was a difficult letter! Not because of a dearth of love/sex/dark songs starting with it, but because there were TOO MANY and I had a devil of a time narrowing it down to three! But the three below are the ones that felt right, so here you go:

Sex (I'm A...)* ~ Berlin

(*Suggestive lyrics and video, may not be safe for work)

I was going to say this song's about role-playing games between two lovers but realized that, though the chick goes through various personas (she's a hooker, she's a geisha, she's a goddess, yadda yadda), the dude's only ever a *man* (which is nice and all, but seems a bit lazy, on his part). But whatevs - it's a sensual celebration of sexual exploration, so rock on.

Smack Me Around* ~ Trike

(*Explicit lyrics, video is not safe for work)

This video enters a deeper, somewhat darker realm than the Berlin tune did; namely, that of BDSM (the preceding link contains images some may find disturbing). But, but, BUT(T)! - don't freak out, as it's a whimsical (sorta) take on the lifestyle. The song itself is a lot of fun, with lyrics that seem to be headed in one particular direction but then cleverly veer off into unexpected realms. Also, it's catchy as hell - first time I heard it I couldn't get it out of my head and went around singing "Smack me around!" constantly (which earned me some funny looks on line at the grocery store).***

Shut Your Eyes ~ Snow Patrol

Breathe easy, Dear Readers - there's neither a jot nor a tittle of kink in this song. What you get is a sweet, romantic, soothing alt rock ballad-type tune you can turn to "...when the worrying starts to hurt..."  ::sighs::

***I learned about the Trike song on one of my friend Ja's online radio shows (there's JaAndLu Underground and JaAndLu Super Show, which both air on Fridays, though one significantly later than the other. They are also both LIVE radio with lotsa talk, quite a bit of which is profane, so don't tune in if you don't cotton to cussing).

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Dark Romance of R...

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Rapture ~ Blondie

About the time this song came out, early 1981, my Mom worked in a factory as a seamstress. She'd save her lunch break for picking me up at the end of my Catholic elementary school day (I'd just turned 10 the previous December) and we'd walk the three or four blocks to the factory so she could finish her shift. I'd hang out, either in the crappy "break room" (more of a walk-in closet where the gals who worked there kept their coats, though there was enough room for a couch) or on the window seat near my Mom's work space, and apply myself to my homework (blah). Numerous Portuguese and Italian immigrant women worked there, of which my Mom is the former. One of the latter had a little radio, upon which the hits of the day blared tinnily. Late one afternoon, Rapture came on. Stricken by the jangly opening, I raised my eyes from my textbook and looked out the large, grimy window into the white glare of the overcast sky, transported. To where, I couldn't have said. I just felt myself floating far away from the roaring sewing machines and raucous, multilingual babble and into a night-time world lit up by neon and strobe lights. Though I'd not have been able to articulate it then, it was the first time I understood what it meant to feel sexy. It was, like, whoa.

Russian Radio ~ Red Flag

Apart from the yummy synth groove of this tune, I dig and find comfort in the lyrics which promise that " is only a smile away, getting so much closer to me, every day." Yeah, man. Lay it on me. I could use some righteous lovin' over here, bring it.

Right Now ~ The Creatures

If I wasn't clear enough just now, let me reiterate, "...right now, let me take you by the hand; right now, put your lips at my command; right now, fly me off to lovers' land." This snazzy cover by a side-project of Siouxsie and the Banshees members puts a spring in my step and zip in my...well, you know. Let's just say I "...feel it coast to coast." ;-)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Dark Romance of Q...

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Well, I was stuck for Q songs that fit my theme for the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge, which was le major suck (this is not actual French). I put out an S.O.S. to my peeps and they answered the call, bless them. My Dear Friend Katy O suggested Queen and I smacked myself on the forehead for not having thought of them already. So today's post of three will be an all Queen revue!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love: For a long time I thought this was a cover, which made sense after I learned that Freddie Mercury wrote this as an hommage to Elvis Presley. (That is actual French.) Though it was a departure from their usual stuff, the world went crazy for it, and so, I must confess, did I. C'est adorable! (Also actual French.)

Get Down Make Love: My Dear Friend Robin suggested this song and thank goodness she did, as I'd never heard it before! (Woof!) Also was intrigued to learn that Nine Inch Nails covered it!

You Take My Breath Away: I came across this tune, another I hadn't heard, in my investigation of Queen tuneage for this post. Dudes. This really did take my breath away. You da man, Freddie - I hope I can someday do an hommage to you that's worthy of your eternal greatness. I can't believe you've been gone for over twenty years. May God hold you close.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Dark Romance of P...

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Paralyzer ~ Finger Eleven

OK. I didn't first hear this song, I first saw the video, and... AoooooROOOOO!!!!! Boy, did it ever do it for me. Woofetie-woof-woof-WOOFIE-WOOF!!!!! This sleek bit of dance rock, with it's stylish video, has a firm hold on my libido, I have a Pavlovian response to it. Plus, it's just fun to rock out to. Also - if anyone knows the name of the lead male dancer, please let me know what it is. Ahem.

Paris (Ooh La La) ~ Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Kick-ass chick vocalist growlin' and gruntin' about how you're turning her on so bad she'd do all sorts of things for/to ya whilst another chick vamps out the funky bass. What's not to love? (The answer to that is - nothing.)

Damn, this performance of the tune's so hot, I feel like I need a towel after watching it. (Although I'm annoyed that the guitars were so loud, you could barely hear the bass.)

Promised You a Miracle ~ Simple Minds

Fellow writer/blogger Penelope Crowe recently encouraged writers to expose themselves through their work. That's what I'm doing by including this tune, believe it or not. It's my favorite, in the whole wide world of tuneage, and has been for...Lord, many, many moons, now. If it comes on the radio/Interwebs of a sudden, I have to drop whatever I'm doing to focus on it. I can make it repeat on my MP3 player throughout my whole commute home into the 'burbs from Manhattan and not tire of it. I have a number of hopes pinned upon this song - there's just something about it that strikes a prophetic chord in me. Promised You a Miracle holds a special place in my heart and soul, for its assertion that "...everything is possible in the game of life..." From your lips to God's ears, Jim Kerr.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dark Romance of O...

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Ommadawn (excerpt) ~ Mike Oldfield

One of the times my parents took me and my sis back to their native Portugal for a visit I saw this weird little...not sure what to call it - a video? an interlude? on my aunt's telly. The background was, I think, black, and there were two pretty, colorful, animated flowers: one daisy-like and open, with traditionally shaped, ovular petals; the other, more tubular, sharper, almost beak-like. (I don't suppose you can already tell where this is going?) They seemed to dance around one another, to this sinuous, lyric-less tune, until suddenly the tubular flower thrust itself into the heart of the daisy-like one, and the daisy's petals closed around it (seemingly in protest but it could've been in welcome and to secure it). WELL. I was rooted to my aunt's couch, in shock. And arousal. But mostly shock. Anyway, I'm sort of convinced, though not by any means positive, that this excerpt from Oldfield's larger instrumental work accompanied that peculiar bit of animation. (If this rings any bells with any of you, I'd love to know what that video was and if, in fact, this bit was its soundtrack.)

Out of Control ~ She Wants Revenge

They sound like they come from the same musical litter as Depeche Mode but, really, they're a 21st Century act. The song's about the typical nightclub hook-up and, I think, probably one of She Wants Revenge's lighter tunes...certainly not one in which a safe word is required.

Oh My Goth ~ Razed In Black

How could I NOT include this song? How, I ask you? The sexiest bit of the tune is the call and response aspect of the male singer yelling, "OH MY GOTH!" while a female singer gasps back, "Oh my goth!" The images this exchange puts in my head...well...they'd be telling. ;-)

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Dark Romance of N...

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Need You Tonight ~ INXS
This is another song I absolutely fell in love with in late 1987. It froze me in place the first time I heard it, and I remember thinking then, at that very moment of immobility, that a) the thing that first attracts me to a man is his voice, and b) it would be a spectacular hit. And it was.

Natural One ~ Folk Implosion
Now, this tune came off the soundtrack for an incredibly disturbing film called Kids, which I haven't watched in its entirety because I simply can't make myself do it - not because it's bad, but because I can't stomach the subject matter. Nonetheless, the song's lush, insistent bass line works its mojo on me (as any sultry bass line will) and I can't help digging this tune. Curiously, whenever I hear it I think of British actor Jeremy Northam, who, I am sure, would disavow any connection to the song and, perhaps, carefully back away from me whilst discreetly reaching for his mobile phone and dialing 911 (or 999, if this were to go down in the UK). There's no reasonable explanation for this association, so you'll have to make do with an unreasonable one - I believe that this song was getting a lot of airplay on my beloved local alt rock radio station, WLIR (now defunct but still available online, thank GOD!), around the time Emma came out (which starred the very man himself as the dreamy Mr. Knightley). Anyway, I'm linking a trippy fan video, below, because the official one's kinda gross and I want nothing to detract from the woof! factor of the song.

Nothing Lasts Forever ~ Specimen
A horrifying realization struck me over the weekend: namely that, for a self-proclaimed Goth Mom, I'd included precious little in the way of proper Goth Rock in these Blogging from A to Z Challenge posts. Next came an existential crisis in which I questioned whether I was more Goth or Rock Mom and how, if I'd been wrong about my Goth-nicity, I could carry on living. I took a bad turn and, a few shots of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur later, resolved my cognitive dissonance with the conclusion that, though my taste in music runs more toward the Rock, my sensibilities are more Goth, so I'm good. Mental breakdown averted, I fished through my memory banks for a Goth tune, so as to even out the scales a bit, that would be in keeping with my A to Z theme. Unfortunately, the ones that came to mind were for letters already done - HOWEVER, this song growled at me from the depths of my poor tortured psyche. I'm not 100% sure what it's about (and I can't find lyrics for it anywheres), though it's got a line about "...flying like a moth into the flame...", so that's hot, right? (Like, literally?) Plus, the guitar and bass are all le rawr rawr, which satisfies me.

The song itself does not run as long as the video clip.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Dark Romance of M...

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Master and Servant ~ Depeche Mode

My Dear Friend Nikki warned me that I'd better include this tune and I was happy to oblige. It titillated me back when I first discovered it as an innocent teen and still manages to stir up the naughty-sauce of my psyche. The key to this song's meaning lies in the lyrics, "Domination's the name of the game/in bed or in life, they're both just the same/Except in one you're fulfilled at the end of the day." Word.

Magic ~ Olivia Newton-John

I loved this song when I first heard it back in 1980 and over 30 years later I keep going back to it for its sheer romance. Because what could be more romantic than knowing you'll always be caught when you fall, always be supported, and even guided if necessary, by one who loves you and sticks with you to the bitter end, and believes you capable of any feat, no matter how impossible? To me, that kind of love really is magical. It's the kind of love parents feel for their children, lovers feel for their mates, and even, I honestly think, the kind of love that God feels for us all. (I know that last bit isn't the kind of thing some folks may expect from me, of all people, but hey - I contain multitudes, OK?)

Magnificent ~ U2

Dudes - when I first heard this song, I thought I'd die from the swell of emotion that overtook me. With its pulsing bass line, a guitar riff that alternates between melancholic yearning and triumphant jubilation, that driving snare, and prayer-like lyrics, it's a gorgeous, sweeping, soul-magnifying love song that pushes you along to a conclusion filled with glorious promise. I realize my feelings for it won't be shared by everybody and y'all can just keep that yourselves - for me, this song is sacred. Yes, sacred. (And, according to the Wikipedia article, which I've linked to the song's title, others agree, using words like hymn and anthem to describe it.) (So there.)

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Dark Romance of L...

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Lay Your Body Down ~ Divinyls 

This song didn't garner as much attention as another on the same album, I Touch Myself, but in my opinion should've been the big hit instead. It celebrates a lusty woman who acts on her desires and takes command in the bedroom (or wherever), rather than awaiting the leisure of her lover, for which I can only cry, "Hear, hear!" You crack that whip, Chrissy Amphlett. Unfortunately, the only videos I can find of it are a live performance which doesn't show Divinyls to their advantage, and this fan video which layers the studio version of the song over that performance video and orgiastic snippets from Xena: Warrior Princess. (Strangely, this kind of works.)

Love Burns ~ Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC)

This was the very first song of BRMC's I ever heard and I've been in love/lust with the band ever since. The plaintive chorus of "Now she's gone, love burns inside me," thrilled me to my very core. Who among us has not known the anguish of a love lost? (If, by chance, you haven't, I congratulate you. But you don't know what you're missing in terms of ice cream and alcohol overload.)

Love in a Trashcan ~ The Raveonettes

I'm not sure exactly what this song's about. Maybe it's about hunting down a one-night stand. Or maybe it's about a vampiress seeking her supper in a dive bar. Possibly, it's about settling down with a disposable lover for a time, till the right one comes along. I dunno, I just dig the retro feel, man.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Dark Romance of K...

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Kiss and Tell ~ Bryan Ferry

I'd forgotten all about this song till My Dear Friend Nikki reminded me of it. Ferry's got one o' them voices that damn near puts me into a swoon, as does the very typical sound of the bass in his songs. I don't know what that effect is (or even if there is one), but it hits me in all the right places. (And in all the wrong ones, too.) A song about the betrayal of a former lover, it sets a dark (if suavely sexy) tone for today's A to Z Challenge letter.

Kinda I Want To ~ Nine Inch Nails (NIN)

Oh, Trent, boy do I EVER know your pain, man! I'm sure we've all been there (or close enough). That person that's captured your fancy is so enticing, so alluring, but also so pernicious to your well-being that every instinct screams against engaging in any type of relationship whatsoever. You know it's bad, bad, bad for you, you know it, YOU KNOW IT! But then you go ahead and engage anyway. Gah!

Killer Wolf ~ Danzig

As I've mentioned before (and you may have noticed), I dig wolfie themes. Too, I enjoy the Little Red Riding Hood story and this song riffs on the idea of wolf as seducer. A predatory seducer, yes. No less arousing for all its menace, but still vewy, vewy scawy! AooROOO!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Dark Romance of J...

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Arriving in "J" land I had to fish around a bit for things which fit my theme and today's letter, and so I begin with:

Joan Jett's cover of Do You Wanna Touch Me

Would you believe the original is by Gary Glitter? I had not known that and, frankly, preferred not knowing. But anyway, Joan's asking the question like she doesn't already know the answer. Do you wanna touch her there? Hells yeah, you do! (I'm guessing.)

Jerk It Out ~ Caesars

OK, so officially (according to the band) the song's simply about being pumped up for a night out on the town and "jerking it out" refers to letting all that energy loose while dancing and just generally having a good time with your pals and whatnot. Some fans assert it's about self-pleasuring. In either event, I like to think that the singer's got his girlie nearby, ready to lend a hand. As it were.

Journey to the Center of a Girl ~ The Cramps

Yes, it's about just what you're thinking. Naughty.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Dark Romance of I...

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I'm Your Boogie Man ~ KC and The Sunshine Band

With boyish charm and that little take-you-by-surprise growl of promise, Harry Wayne Casey sang about wanting to do whatever he could to love me, please me, and just about everything else that would rock my world, at damn near any time of day convenient to me (or all day long, if that's what it took). It would be churlish to refuse. Churlish, I tell you!

I Want You Now ~ Depeche Mode

I remember buying the Music for the Masses album (on cassette tape!) in the fall of 1987. I sat down on the floor in the middle of the bedroom I shared with my sister, popped the tape in, and slipped on my headphones so I could absorb the beauty and wonder as fully and intimately as possible. I was in heaven. I flipped over to side 2, rocked as quietly as I could to Behind the Wheel, and then was stunned into motionlessness by the almost religious intensity of I Want You Now. Lord, Lord, Lord...WOOF!!!!! The best bit of that first experience however, besides having my teenaged socks rocked, was how I nearly jumped out of my skin at the eerie laughter at the very end of the tune (you've been warned). There's not an official video, so the one below is a simple vid with good sound quality - close your eyes and let it sink in...

I Dig You ~ Cult Hero (very early The Cure)

It's all very simple: there's me, there's you, there's us, and it rocks - huzzah! :-D

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Dark Romance of H...

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Hot Stuff ~ Donna Summer

C'mon, I don't really have to explain this one, do I? Girlfriend wants some hot stuff, baby - you gonna give it to her, or what? I wouldn't keep her waiting for too long, if I were you.

Howlin' for You ~ The Black Keys  

Here's a tune about how some chick brings out Dan Auerbach's inner the sexiest possible way, of course. Apart from digging the song, I enjoy the wolfie metaphor and, frankly, Auerbach's voice makes me go all know what I'm gonna write next, dontcha? Woof. (PS: This video, according to the Wiki entry I linked to the title, is "a parody of a sexploitation film trailer" and in it, we finally learn what Willis was talkin' 'bout.)


Hella Good ~ No Doubt

Homegirl Gwen represents for the ladies, singing about how her fella makes her feel so groovy. Of course, no one says "Hella" anymore, but I will - that bass line, though nothing fancy, makes me feel hella HAWT!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Dark Romance of G...

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A Girl Like You ~ The Smithereens

I remember reading, God knows where ('cause I sure don't remember, though it was likely Wikipedia), that this tune was meant for the soundtrack of the movie "Say Anything," only the powers-that-were decided the lyrics revealed too much of the story, so they bagged it. Losers. This powerful rock song, with its expression of everything the singer would do just to have a girl like me (or you; geez, play along with me, here) latched onto my heart and hasn't let go in over twenty years. (OK, the video's incredibly goofy, but the song kicks ass.)

Girlfriend ~ Matthew Sweet

Here's another song I've loved for (slightly over) twenty years - though I admit I wonder if I'd've loved it so long had I seen the video for it sooner. The camera angles on Mr. Sweet give him a slightly creepy stalkerish look which detracts somewhat from the appeal of this groovy tune, but not enough to put me off it. Besides which, I can't resist the charm of the cocky opening line, "I wanna love somebody. I hear you need somebody to love." C'mon, that's pretty cute. (I dunno how I'd react to that in a bar, or whatevs, but still - adorbz!)

Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man ~ Concrete Blonde

Folks, this is a love story from the great beyond (which you know I dig). It's got a fast, relentless beat that won't let up, twangy gee-tars, and clever lyrics that tell a spooky story of spectral sexiness. Best line: "He seemed so glad to see a woman in the flesh and I really liked his spirit." Brilliant.