Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Dark Romance of J...

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Arriving in "J" land I had to fish around a bit for things which fit my theme and today's letter, and so I begin with:

Joan Jett's cover of Do You Wanna Touch Me

Would you believe the original is by Gary Glitter? I had not known that and, frankly, preferred not knowing. But anyway, Joan's asking the question like she doesn't already know the answer. Do you wanna touch her there? Hells yeah, you do! (I'm guessing.)

Jerk It Out ~ Caesars

OK, so officially (according to the band) the song's simply about being pumped up for a night out on the town and "jerking it out" refers to letting all that energy loose while dancing and just generally having a good time with your pals and whatnot. Some fans assert it's about self-pleasuring. In either event, I like to think that the singer's got his girlie nearby, ready to lend a hand. As it were.

Journey to the Center of a Girl ~ The Cramps

Yes, it's about just what you're thinking. Naughty.


  1. I knew the Joan Jett song, but not the Caesers one.

    1. I'm trying to think when and where I first heard this...on a TV commercial, maybe?

  2. Good post!I love Joan Jett...yep I'm an 80's kid. What can I say? ;)

    1. I dig her baddass style - especially back in a time when serious rocking was done by menfolk. Atta girl, Joan! :-)


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