Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Dark Romance of V...

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Voulez Vous ~ Abba
To me, it was a given that this song would appear in "V" land, and My Dear Friend Katy O agreed it should. It's a rockin' tune to dance to and I tend to snicker as I boogie to it (from the safety of my chair, as otherwise I'd be sure to inadvertently put somebody's eye out) because my Mom, who's such an Old Country Catholic, No Nookie Before Marriage, kinda gal, absolutely loves it. I mentioned in a previous post that she's not a native of the U. S., but after almost 42 43* years, her English is pretty damned good. I think she just can't be bothered to pay close attention to the lyrics, which is probably just as well. ;-)

Voodoo ~ Godsmack
When I begged My Dear Friends for help filling up some of these letters with tunes, I noted that they didn't have to be about love/sex/romance necessarily, but that just the music, if it was sexy, would qualify it as an entry. And so My Dear Friend Elizabeth suggested this and OF COURSE she was TOTALLY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!  ::so worked up by the WOOF! factor, I bark incoherently::

The Vines (Band) ~ Gimme Love
You can't state your case more simply than that.

*Edited because I'm a moron who can't count.


  1. My love for Abba is eternal. I'm not familiar with the other two songs though.

    1. I heart Abba too. Possibly one of the better experiences I've ever shared with my Mom was taking her to see Mamma Mia (the tix were a Christmas gift to her AND my Dad, only he didn't want to travel into Manhattan to see it).

  2. Replies
    1. I bet you and your band have at least one Abba song in your repertoire. Let's see if I can guess it...Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight?) ;-)

  3. I'm the one with the band. Mark is the one with the God like knowledge of roleplaying, fitness and doing lots of writing. We have had a bash at "Does your mother know?" once or twice... Maybe we should make it a mainstay...

    1. Ooops - quelle embarrassing! Sorry about that, fellas, I reckon I should consume sufficient quantities of coffee before I attempt to discuss anything intelligently on the Interwebs (or anywhere, really). :-)

      "Does Your Mother Know" = very fun tune! So's "Take A Chance On Me," I bet that'd be a crowd pleaser.


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