Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Dark Romance of C...

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Call Me ~ Blondie

This is possibly the sexiest, most unabashed, insistent imperative ever delivered by a woman in rock 'n' roll history. She ain't sayin', "Oh, you know, you might gimme a ring, when you get a sec," she's sayin', "Your ass better frigging call me!" And what straight male (or gay female) in his/her right mind would disobey? Pas moi! (You know, if my gate swung that way. Or if hers did...actually, I dunno; does it?)


Can't Get You Out of My Head ~ Kylie Minogue

Ah, the obsessive-compulsive side of love. That overwhelming rush of chemical-cocktail in your system that keeps you from focusing on anything but your love object. Yeah, that's messy. But it's real. Just remember - it'll pass...all too soon. (Not that I'm bitter, or anything. Heavens, no!)

Closer* ~ Nine Inch Nails

*(Explicit Lyrics & Video - Extremely Unsafe for Work - and a little bit gross, just sayin')

If Debbie Harry laid it out with foxy ferocity, Trent Reznor did it with his dangerously insistent croon of just how he wanted to...well, you know. (Or you will know, once you've watched the video. Be sure your children/boss/co-workers aren't around when you do.) (I'm totally not kidding.)


  1. Last video link is showing as not available, dear lady.
    ... and Kylie Minogue!?

    1. 1. Quelle weird, Dude! The vid plays on my laptop at home and my work PC. You can try this link for the song (it's still explicit lyrics but doesn't seem to show the actual video): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HbKaHddmfU

      and 2. Yes. Ms. Minogue. ;-)

  2. Some more great song choices. Got to be the first time I've seen Kylie and NIN in the same post though lol

    1. To that end, I might start an online petition to see if I can get the pair to record a duet! (Can you just *imagine*???) :-D

  3. "Closer" is a great song, but that video always reminds me of the creepy video in the movie The Ring. Don't answer the phone.

    And now he's winning best soundtrack Oscars. Nice.


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