Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Dark Romance of U...

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Unchain My Heart ~ Ray Charles
This song has been covered many, many (many!) times, but ain't nobody who can sing about the pain of being kept dangling by a cruel former lover like Ray Charles. (Although I do enjoy Joe Cocker's take on the tune.)

Until She Comes Again ~ Psychedelic Furs
Dudes, this song is just unbearably romantic: "...and with her step, I move my feet; and with her hands, I feel my skin; and with her need, I find I'm saved; and with her dreams, I'm laid..." C'mon, that's gorgeous!

Unconditional ~ The Bravery
He just wants, he just wants a good, true, unconditional love - is that so wrong? (No. No, it isn't. It's just remarkably hard to come by, and keep.)


  1. I love Joe Cocker! Something about that raspy voice.

  2. LOVE the Psychedelic Furs. Saw them in 1984 in Boston. Great show!

    1. Lucky! I missed out on a lot of great shows when I was growing up, 'cause my Mom took "overprotective" to dangerously insane levels. I've been trying to make up for that as an adult, but you know how it is...I poop out waaaaaay before the encores! :-)

  3. MINA!!
    How are you!
    Sorry it has been a while.
    Oh The Furs!! I'm with you--their is something hypnotic and lush about them.
    Thanks so much for posting this--have not thought of it for so long.
    Hope you are well. XO

    1. "Hypnotic and lush" are perfect words to describe them!

      Is your paperback out yet?????????? ;-)


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