Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Dark Romance of S...

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Ohmigosh, y'all - "S" was a difficult letter! Not because of a dearth of love/sex/dark songs starting with it, but because there were TOO MANY and I had a devil of a time narrowing it down to three! But the three below are the ones that felt right, so here you go:

Sex (I'm A...)* ~ Berlin

(*Suggestive lyrics and video, may not be safe for work)

I was going to say this song's about role-playing games between two lovers but realized that, though the chick goes through various personas (she's a hooker, she's a geisha, she's a goddess, yadda yadda), the dude's only ever a *man* (which is nice and all, but seems a bit lazy, on his part). But whatevs - it's a sensual celebration of sexual exploration, so rock on.

Smack Me Around* ~ Trike

(*Explicit lyrics, video is not safe for work)

This video enters a deeper, somewhat darker realm than the Berlin tune did; namely, that of BDSM (the preceding link contains images some may find disturbing). But, but, BUT(T)! - don't freak out, as it's a whimsical (sorta) take on the lifestyle. The song itself is a lot of fun, with lyrics that seem to be headed in one particular direction but then cleverly veer off into unexpected realms. Also, it's catchy as hell - first time I heard it I couldn't get it out of my head and went around singing "Smack me around!" constantly (which earned me some funny looks on line at the grocery store).***

Shut Your Eyes ~ Snow Patrol

Breathe easy, Dear Readers - there's neither a jot nor a tittle of kink in this song. What you get is a sweet, romantic, soothing alt rock ballad-type tune you can turn to "...when the worrying starts to hurt..."  ::sighs::

***I learned about the Trike song on one of my friend Ja's online radio shows (there's JaAndLu Underground and JaAndLu Super Show, which both air on Fridays, though one significantly later than the other. They are also both LIVE radio with lotsa talk, quite a bit of which is profane, so don't tune in if you don't cotton to cussing).


  1. I haven't heard of the first two songs or bands so I was pleased to see Snow Patrol in the third spot.


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