Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dark Romance of O...

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Ommadawn (excerpt) ~ Mike Oldfield

One of the times my parents took me and my sis back to their native Portugal for a visit I saw this weird little...not sure what to call it - a video? an interlude? on my aunt's telly. The background was, I think, black, and there were two pretty, colorful, animated flowers: one daisy-like and open, with traditionally shaped, ovular petals; the other, more tubular, sharper, almost beak-like. (I don't suppose you can already tell where this is going?) They seemed to dance around one another, to this sinuous, lyric-less tune, until suddenly the tubular flower thrust itself into the heart of the daisy-like one, and the daisy's petals closed around it (seemingly in protest but it could've been in welcome and to secure it). WELL. I was rooted to my aunt's couch, in shock. And arousal. But mostly shock. Anyway, I'm sort of convinced, though not by any means positive, that this excerpt from Oldfield's larger instrumental work accompanied that peculiar bit of animation. (If this rings any bells with any of you, I'd love to know what that video was and if, in fact, this bit was its soundtrack.)

Out of Control ~ She Wants Revenge

They sound like they come from the same musical litter as Depeche Mode but, really, they're a 21st Century act. The song's about the typical nightclub hook-up and, I think, probably one of She Wants Revenge's lighter tunes...certainly not one in which a safe word is required.

Oh My Goth ~ Razed In Black

How could I NOT include this song? How, I ask you? The sexiest bit of the tune is the call and response aspect of the male singer yelling, "OH MY GOTH!" while a female singer gasps back, "Oh my goth!" The images this exchange puts in my head...well...they'd be telling. ;-)


  1. You and Mike Oldfield are not a combination I would have guessed. You never cease to amaze me. Sadly, your first two video links don't show on this bloody iPad, so I'll wait until I'm at the pc to view.

    Hope you are fit, well and happy :)


    1. Thanks, Mark - the same goes for you (about being fit, well, and happy).

      I discovered Oldfield because I was hunting down the origin of another tune I heard one halcyon summer in Portugal. I'd never heard it in the US (and, apart from listening to the Best of CD of his I bought) haven't heard it here since. The song was "Moonlight Shadows" which I managed to tape on cassette when I was over there, though I didn't capture the song title. It was the advent of the Internet that enabled me to learn that was his tune (and also that "Family Man" is his too, and not originally by Hall & Oates!).

  2. well I'm all for plants getting jiggy etc. I checked out Late Bar again, not so familiar with some early Duran. Definitely has an interesting early 80s sound.

    1. I have to say, there was something magical about early Duran Duran - I wish they could resolve their differences with Andy Taylor once and for all so they could collaborate as the full set once again.

  3. Thank you for introducing me to some new music

  4. Thanks, Donna - glad you're digging the tuneage!


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