Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pine Nuts ~ Aphrodisiacs from A to Z

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Pine nuts* are nuts I can really get behind. Er...I mean, they're super small and the devil to harvest (I imagine), but when your molars slowly bite down on them they yield so satisfyingly...

Ahem. I don't know why that turns me on, but it does, OK? Don't judge.

*Well, actually, they're the seeds of the pine tree, but let's not quibble over trifles.

Akin to oysters, they've a high zinc content, which has long been associated with "improving sexual potency in men." Well, rock on, then. All I know is they're in pesto, which I heart, as is basil, which was mentioned in the first week of A to Z as a promoter of blood circulation, so, W00F!


Click here for more about pine nuts.



  1. If you don't know pine nut, you don't know nuttin

  2. I have some catching up to do for the A to Z challenge, especially on your blog!

  3. No judgement here - I love pine nuts too - They have got so crazy expensive in the last few years... I'm thinking of growing a pine tree - I was also thinking when the challenge is over - I'm going to have to come back and check out more of your recipes .

  4. Nuts are good, pine nuts are great ... no problem here. Fish in pine nut sauce, for example, is delicious. Oh, yum!

    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  5. I have such a weird and random nut allergy that I don't dare have these. I've never eaten pesto b/c of the pine nuts. Italians call them pignolis, that's what I grew up knowing them as.

  6. I would've never guessed pine nuts. Though, I guess nuts are full of protein like, well, yeah.

  7. Now I'm pining for some pine nuts :)

    Happy alpheting.

    Gary :)

  8. So what your saying is, if I'm looking for a sure-fire way to get lucky, go whip up a batch of pesto:)

    1. My understanding from several gentlemen of my acquaintance is that all chicks need to do to get lucky is show up. ;-)

  9. Trying again... *take 2*
    I love cashew nuts and can eat them non-stop. Does that count? Or should I change to pine nuts? Cashews have a lovely flavour... not sure about pine nuts though...

    Writer In Transit

  10. Thanks, all, for visiting! Hope to return the favor in the coming weeks. <3

  11. I do love the pine nuts. They are so so tasty. ;)


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