Monday, November 26, 2012

Resurrection Blogfest Honorable Mention #7

When I announced the finalists for my Resurrection Blogfest, I mentioned I'd be posting "Honorable Mentions," of entries that caught my attention and I wanted to bring to yours, Dear Reader. For the next week or so, I'll be doing just that. If you haven't yet read these entries, please give them a lookie-look!

In the order in which folks signed up, my seventh Resurrection Blogfest Honorable Mention goes to Sylvia van Bruggen at Playful Creative. Sylvia resurrected a post from Tuesday, April 5, 2011 entitled Declare Yourself! Now, as a rule, I think feel-good-affirmations are about as useful as Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts (though far less entertaining). Sylvia, however, proposes an exercise which I found inspiring and empowering—perhaps you will, too.

Go on, now; check it out! And Sylvia, please feel free to take the above badge for your blog and link it back to this post, if you like. Thanks again for participating in my first annual blogfest!


  1. You're right. That was a great blog. I'm really enjoying all the bloggers you've posted so far. Thanks for sharing the links with us!

    1. Well, since I did't have the funds to award to more than three winners, I figured I could give them public kudos on my blog, at least! :-)


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