Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Resurrection Blogfest Honorable Mention #3

When I announced the finalists for my Resurrection Blogfest, I mentioned I'd be posting "Honorable Mentions," of entries that caught my attention and I wanted to bring to yours, Dear Reader. For the next week or so, I'll be doing just that. If you haven't yet read these entries, please give them a lookie-look!

In the order in which folks signed up, my third Resurrection Blogfest Honorable Mention goes to Laura Wise of Laura + the Voices. Laura resurrected a post from Saturday, September 11, 2010 called Demonic Phone, which she tells us is a true story about...well, a phone that seems to be, um...POSSESSED!!!!! (Gaaaaah!). I read this entry late one night whilst alone in my otherwise empty office, seeing as I still don't have proper Interwebs at home, and really worried about the possibility of my office phone ringing, causing me to soil myself. It didn't happen. That time.

Go on, now; check it out! And Laura, please feel free to take the above badge for your blog and link it back to this post, if you like. Thanks again for participating in my first annual blogfest!


  1. Reading these, I can't help but think you missed out on some really deserving short listers - far more deserving than my effort was.

    I think for your next revival, have an earlier closing date to give you way more time to read the entries. Maybe have an entry limit, for example, maybe fifty slots by XX date, after which you close the competition and then announce the winners a week or so later?

    But yes, I think a more controlled approach will allow you greater room for giving all entries a thorough reading.

    Epic task you gave yourself, and kudos for pulling it off, just needs some fine tuning now ;)

    1. I don't think of one person's art as being more "deserving" than another's, I think it's just about what you personally connect with. I certainly enjoyed the posts of all the honorable mentions folks (and, indeed, all participants' posts), but the seven finalists' works were the ones with which *I* fully connected. I'm happy and satisfied with the choices I made. :-)

  2. That was a freaky story. Holy crap. I wonder what college she goes to? Mine was allegedly haunted too.

    1. Now, JoJo, you can't just drop a bomb about a haunted college and walk away. Tell me more! Oooh, write a blog post about it!!! :-)


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