Thursday, May 9, 2013

Indie Author To-Do List? (IASOS)

Herein lies my second Indie Author SOS post, which I address to other writers who've gone boldly where they hadn't ventured before—the thrilling/terrifying world of independent publishing!

As I mentioned in my first IASOS post, I plan to publish my Greek-myth inspired romance novel, That Fatal Kiss, later this year. I was shooting for the first day of fall in 2013, but shit got real at work, and then there was the A to Z Challenge and, as I whined about in my Reflections post, a Guy ('cause there's always a Guy) so...yeah. I'm thinking not that day. Probably. Though you never know, I may still be able to pull it off by then, though I'm more interested in putting out a quality book than I am in keeping to my original deadline. As long as I can get TFK out into the world by my birthday* this year, I reckon I'll be satisfied. (*That's December 21, in case you're feeling like you might wanna get me something.) (Or, you know, buy my book.) (No pressure.)

'K, so, I've picked up some books on what folks gotta do to independently publish their stuff (I'm focusing on e-Publishing and print-on-demand paperbacks). From Catherine Ryan Howard's "Self-Printed 2.0" I got a lot of great info (it's really a fabulous resource, I must say), and have put together a rough to-do list for publishing my Greek-myth romance. All you indie-authors out there, how does this list look to you? Am I missing something super important? Are any items below in totally the wrong order of needing to-be-done? I'm super interested in feedback from folks who've already gone through this ordeal process, especially on the stuff with question marks (either because I'm not sure about them, or not sure how to go about doing them).
  • Decide Release Month/Date (Pffffft. Fail.)
  • Research/Hire Book Cover Designer
  • Research/Hire Copyeditor (This bit's done, W00T!)
  • Wrap up copyeditor's changes, as desired (accepting/rejecting changes).
  • Research/Hire Proofreader
  • Set/Advertise release date
  • Set up mailing list for when book's released?
  • Determine manufacturing costs, use this to determine list price.
  • Format eBook/print book
  • ISBN numbers for all formats (Unless provided?)
  • Order proof copy
  • Online “Cover Reveal” (scope for BFF bloggers willing to join in on pimping TFK)
  • Solicit Reviews from BFF bloggers/book bloggers?
  • Annoy BFF bloggers further by asking them for blog tour?
  • Promotional give-away(s)? (Set this up 2 months in advance of release? That's too soon?)
  • Order proof copy (copies) of final version
  • Develop Book Page on Blog With
    • Book Cover Image
    • Back cover blurb
    • E-mail sign up to receive info
    • How much/where sold
  • Set up Google Alert for my book title + name
  • Once book’s finalized, upload to online sellers
  • Update main page sideboard w/links to book
  • When ready, send “Out now!” e-mail to mailing list, update site w/same news
  • Set up Author Page on Amazon? (When? How soon is too soon?)
  • Update Twitter profile w/news on book. (When?? How soon’s too soon??), yeah. Help?


  1. It looks such a lot of work when you list it out like that, doesn't it? But at least some of them are easy-peasy! And you've already done some others. I agree that having a book you're happy with is much more important than sticking to a release date. Good luck!

  2. Seeing it laid out in a list like that is a tad daunting. But you know, 'just keep swimming' right? I wanna hear more about the guy though. :)

    1. Yep, just keep swimming.

      The Guy - well, I'll summarize: I've had a crush on a fella from work since I started there, in 2004 (say what you will about me, I know how to hold a torch). It was a fun crush, though, you know? We have direct dealings with one another for brief periods throughout the year, so I'd just enjoy whatever time I had with him and smile the rest of the day and forget about him. Till This April. Something changed and I crushed waaaaaay hard, and I thought he was feeling something too. ANYWAY, the momentum crashed and I think I won't be seeing him for a good long while and...well, after my last disaster in making myself vulnerable to a dude, I'm damned if I'll do it again. Besides, I don't need him to get all weird on me when we do have to work together. Maybe it was all in my head. Maybe he's not the man for me. Gah. It just sucks, JoJo. It's just Le Suck.

  3. That is a very comprehensive list. Go for it.

  4. Looks great! Check out some Bella Andre, if you haven't yet. She e-published and now has a seven figure deal with Harlequin. It can happen for you, too!

    1. All you need is a dollar and a, wait; that's something else, isn't it??? ;-)

  5. It sounds about right to me, but hey, I'm where you are in the process of doing it too. I know a really good cover designer who is wicked talented and I think affordable. Shoot me an email if you want to know his contact info.

    1. Thanks for the groovy feedback, Mina. I'm totally researching cover designers right now, would love the hook up. Can't find your e-mail addy, though, so I'll see if I can send you a message on Google Plus.

    2. OK, I was smacked by the stupid stick, 'cause I can't figure out how to do that either, but I did send you a direct message on the Twitter.

  6. Wow!! That's a hell of a list! I'm exhausted for you!



  7. I'm bookmarking this page - I need a list like this.

    Amazon author page - I couldn't figure out how to make one before the book actually went live. They want you to have a book in order to call yourself an author :-P But the rest looks awesome smart. (and if you liked your editor, I'd love to get their name?)

    1. Well, I reckon that makes sense. I'll e-mail you about the rest. :-)

  8. I can't help you with good advice or 'yey or ney', but I too want to bookmark this page for future ref ;)

    I want to self-publish at least a novella this year, but we'll see how I go! :D

    Funny thing is, I would probably be most petrified of actually picking a release date. Even if my work was all ready to go and everything was done, I would still get this weird sick feeling in my tummy about pencilling something in. It was bad enough doing my blogfest. ;)

    1. I know; setting a date wigs me out as well. I'm seeing, though, that setting that date and when the book actually becomes available on online retailers can be two different things! Like, you upload stuff to the sellers but it's not available right away, I think?

  9. You have a great list here. There are a bunch of things I didn't even know existed, so I can't really add to it. But I think it's important not to rush things. Putting out a high quality book is better than putting out something quickly. That said, just before Christmas (and your birthday) is a great time to put out a book since people are looking for gift items! Good luck! :-)

  10. "shit got real"

    Haha. That seems to be the theme of 2013 so far! It's another day, another mini-drama in my world at the moment. Best wishes for getting the book finished and I completely agree, quality is more important than our self-imposed deadlines. :)

    1. Thanks, LGH! 2013 has been tres bizarre. C'est vrai!


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