Monday, January 14, 2013

Lunar Lovin' Hop! (A Blogfest, Yo!)

So, like, this one night (about a year ago, 'cause it totally took place in January), my dad was driving me and the Kid home from somewhere and I looked up at the sky and became entranced. La lune was big, luminous, and full, and more beautiful than I remembered ever seeing her. I was so stunned I remarked on it aloud.

My Dad checked the moon out and said, "In Portugal, we have a saying:
Não há amor como o primeiro,
nem luar como o de Janeiro.
Mas lá vem o de Agosto,
que lhe dá no rosto."
The best idiomatic English translation for this I can think of is:
There's no love like the first,
nor full moon (or moonlight) like that of January.
But later comes the one in August,
Which smacks January's right in the kisser.
That's kinda romantic, right? No? Gosh, picky, picky...

So I was thinking (unlikely though that seems): how about we put this old saying to the test? Here's what I propose:
  1. Sign up on the linky list below (where it asks for "Your name" please enter your blog's name).
  2. Use this badge on your blog's sidebar and Tweet or whatever to spread the word about the hop. If you don't use The Twitter, don't sweat it; join in anyway!
  3. On Sunday, January 27, 2013, snap a pic of the full moon.*
  4. Post that sucker up on your blog on Monday, January 28.
  5. Go check other folks' pics!
C'mon, this is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy, folks!

Are ya with me?????

*One of the comments below references the possibility of poor lunar visibility. If that's the case wherever you are in the world, just take a picture of the night sky and post that instead.

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  1. This sounds fun! There is another blogfest running on Jan 28th but I can do both in one go :) I will try my very best to get a moon pic.

  2. Easy peasy :) I thought the poem sounded romantic.


  3. Ooh you're right, that is easy! I'm in :)

  4. My moon pictures always come out blurry and small. But I recently borrowed a camera, so I may try this. Need to buy new batteries first.

  5. So unique! Your mind works wonders!

  6. I like that saying! I could try to sign up for it....but there's no guarantee there will be a full moon visible this time of year with weather issues though.

  7. YAY, so glad to see so many of you already signed up! Also great is that we'll be seeing some views of the moon from other parts of the world. All of us looking at the same moon, through different eyes...That's groovy, baby!

    @Donna - LOL, glad you thought so! It does sound sorta prettier in Portuguese.

    @Dani - Thanks! :-)

    @JoJo - You make an excellent point. I'll update the text above to address cloudy skies.

  8. I saw Absinthe in Vegas and it reminds me of this because the raunchy Penny told this story of a female puppet sucking off a male hand puppet and leaving this string of body fluid that ran from one mouth to the guy's *@$% ala Lady and the Tramp's noodle scene with the "moon" as a backdrop.

    So romantic.

    If that isn't "lunar lovin'" I don't know what is.

  9. Replies
    1. So much so that I signed up on your list, hit enter, but I'm not seeing my name pop up. So, I'm going to try this again (I'm apparently tech challenged today) so sorry if I end up on your list twice. :P

  10. @kmckendry - Welcome aboard!

    @Michael - LOL! And EEEEEUW! But mostly LOL!

    @Elise - It looks like you're there just once. :-)

  11. Awesome idea!! I've always been enchanted with the moon. I'm totally in!

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks, Justine - so glad you tossed your hat in the lunar ring!

  13. I wanted to do it but it was cloudy. No moon, in fact it's still cloudy, even foggy and there is snow on the ground. Missed the moon and now the sun.

    Love the poem and yes, very romantic!

  14. @Shannon - Yay! :-)

    @Yolanda - Wah! I got lucky yesterday, but today's pretty danged cloudy in NY...


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