Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Blogfest, A Challenge, & A Tune

The Blogfest

Y'all, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and check out this groovalicious blogfest hosted by the creative and prolific L.G. Keltner at Writing Off the Edge. January 9 will be her one year blogiversary and to celebrate she invites fellow bloggers to post about stuff like (and I quote):
  • events that inspired you to start blogging
  • that first awkward blog entry where you tried to introduce yourself to the blogging world
  • what inspired you to embark on your career path
  • where you were born and what the times were like
  • the origins of a favorite book, movie, artistic movement, or pretty much anything else
You've got seven days to whip something up and can either swipe the above badge or the one I've got on my sidebar, over to the right, there. So click here to sign up for it, already! (At the very least, you should go check out her nifty new banner, gosh.)

The Challenge

Like, I totally signed up for Goodreads' 2013 Reading Challenge. What attracted me about it was that I could set my own goal of how many books I want to read this year, regardless of genre (some of these book challenges get very specific, which is fine, only I need the freedom to fly my freak flag in whatever bloody direction I like, at any given moment). (So to speak.) According to Goodreads, I read about twenty-ish books last year so I thought I'd see if I could swing 50 this year (about a book a week, giving myself a couple weeks' leeway, 'cause I'm kind to myself like that). Click here if you'd like to learn more about how to participate in this Challenge yourself. Or not, whatevs.

The Tune

I'm shocked, chagrined, and otherwise appalled that the first time I heard this righteous, "unofficial cover" of Berlin's Sex (I'm a...) was only just last week, especially when the Bollock Brothers recorded that shizz back in 1988. It's an "unofficial cover" 'cause they changed the title of the tune to God Created Woman, which was pretty crafty of them...wonder if they'd be able to get away with that nowadays. Anyway, I've always thought the original Berlin version to be smokin' hot, but there's something about this cover that really turns me on. It probably won't do a damned thing for most of you, but what the hell—it's my blog and I'll link the hell out of it, if I wants to.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my blogfest! You're the best!

  2. I'm in the habit of doing the GoodReads reading challenge each year, now. This year I'm aiming low, for a min. of 30 books, and no more than 5 re-reads (unless I get to 30 and want to do more re-reads). Last year I read 43+ so I know I can easily do 30, but I wanted to let myself relax a bit more!

    1. Awesome; I felt a bit of anxiety in settling on 50, but reading this I feel a wee bit better about it. :-)

  3. I signed up for the Beginnings Blogfest as soon as I heard about it, it sounds fun! I've also joined the book challenge, and my goal is 50 books as well - good luck!

  4. I think I need to take a break from the blogfests until I get moving at a better pace on my novel. Sounds fun. Can't wait to read your entry.

    1. Thanks! I'll use this blog hop to solicit some feedback on the proper placement* of a (shortish) chapter from a WIP which I intend to heavily revise this year, so I definitely hope you'll check back next Wednesday.

      (It's currently the 1st chapter, which qualifies it as a "beginning," but I'm wondering if that's wise...)

  5. Replies
    1. I'll be checking your entry next Wednesday! :-)

  6. 20 books last year? and you aimed 50 this year? Wow, you are one of my heroes. I should be like you.

  7. It would be a miracle if I could read 50 books in one year. Heck I'd be thrilled if I could swing half that! I'm always amazed how much reading some of you all can crank out. I'm so jealous. And congrats to LG Keltner on her up and coming blog birthday, I've got one coming up too...I guess I better organize something for it soon....hummmmm.... (;

  8. My book goals for the year wouldn't be too much, because I'm not a fast reader. In fact, at times, I have to go back and RE-read paragraphs because I won't remember what I'd just read. Why? I think I have problems concentrating, and my mind tends to wander! LMAO

  9. @Al: LOL, I always wanted to be somebody's hero!

    @Elise: Yeah, yeah, let's party on your blogiversary like it's 1999!!!

    @Jackie - I have that mind-wandering problem as well, for sure.


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