Monday, January 28, 2013

A Guest Post & the Lunar Lovin' Hop!

The Guest Post

YA Romance author, Cassie Mae, put a call out for guest posters back in December, which I answered with an offer to recycle an earlier post of mine, Writerly Things. You can check out this groovy chick's blog (and my guest post) on Monday, Jan. 28 (like, today) by clicking here.

And now, the...

The full moon of January is known as the Wolf Moon. Appropriate for a Lobo like me, would ye nay say???

If you don't know what the hell I'm on about, click here for more info, and know that it ain't too late to sign up for this thang.

I was born on the moon's day (Monday, as was my son), and I'm sooo in love with la lune, if I were a dude, I'd say I have a raging hard-on for it. Hell, I'll say it regardless. I have a raging hard-on for the moon. There, I've said it. So I snapped a stupid number of pics of her on January 27, from the wee hours of the morning till just after Downton Abbey aired on PBS. You don't have to look at all of them, of course, but I hope you'll scroll down to see the (short!) list of participants in my lunacy. (Lunacy, didja get it? See what I did there? Didja?)

This was shot a little after midnight, Sunday morning, probably the best shot of the lot.

This was my first glimpse of her Sunday night. ::swoons::

Here's the saucy wench from the opposite end of my block, sorta.

Peek-a-Boo Moon I

Peek-a-Boo Moon II

Post Downton Abbey

The last shot of the night

::Sighs:: What a gorgeous gal, is the moon. Oh, to bask in her reflecting glory from my beach house's master bedroom's balcony...

...maybe someday...

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  1. You got some excellent pictures! If I were a dude, I'd have a raging hard on for the moon too. And for most of the universe as well!

  2. Awesome shots! Especially the top one, but I do like seeing the others with the city in the background. (:

  3. I think my fave is the peek-a-boo II, through the tree branches - I LOVE that shit! I totally love the moon as well, so I can relate to your hard-on. hehe

    In Dean Koontz's book STRANGERS (one of my all-time faves), there is a guy who is so obsessed with the moon it takes over his whole life and he can't do anything but collect pics and books and blah blah of the moon. He does have a reason for it, though, other than being a nutter ;)

  4. Wonderful pictures! I love them all. I wish I had a good sight on the city to do that too. :)

  5. Your pics are gorgeous! I love the peek-a-boo moon II. It looks like a creepy, but calming scene from a movie. Yeah, I used creepy and calming in the same sentence. LOL

  6. Love the pictures. I would never have been able to fulfill the requirements for this because the last two weeks, Salt Lake City has been under an inversion and I've been living in the worst air in the nation.

    But it's blown out of here as of today. We have blue sky again!

  7. I love la bella luna too! Your pics were so cool!!! I also shoot it whenever I can. My fave is the crescent phase.

  8. @LG - I saw "Space Cowboys" this weekend and when Tommy Lee Jones and Clint Eastwood were floating in space, I thought of you. :-) (Not because you look like either one of them, which you totally don't, but 'cause I know that being up in space like that would be a dream come true for you.) :-)

    @Elise - I should probably note that I live in a city just north of Manhattan - these pics weren't taken in NYC, proper. Besides, yours were in FRANCE, which is BADASS! :-)

    @Trisha - I dig me some Koontz, just added Twilight Eyes to my To-Be-Read stack (which has gotten dangerously and expensively tall). He's got this great, arrow-like narrative which shoots through everything and gets you *right there*...that probably doesn't make any sense, does it?

    @Al - I wish I had some natural skill with a camera! :-)

    @Jackie - Thanks! And LOL, I think I know whatcha mean! :-D

    @Michael - Thanks, Dude. I wish I'd thought this through - I should've made the hop a week long, so folks might have a chance of catching the moon on a cloudless night. :-( But yay for your blue skies!

    @JoJo - Thanks, JoJo! But you're the one with the mad skillz on the camera, I have to say. I'm not worthy!!! ;-)

  9. Oh yeah, I can see a wolf lovin all those moon shots. Thanks for hosting this Mina, It was fun. My kids thought I was nuts for going out in the cold so often to catch a good shot. Anything that freaks the kids out is worth doing :)


  10. Those are beautiful moon pics! Well done! Great idea for a blogfest! My kids were baffled with why I was doing it. lol

  11. Ooh I love those pictures, particularly the second one (I like all of the different lights) and the one through the tree branches - spooky!

    1. Laura, sorry I missed you before. Thanks for the compliments! :-)

  12. @Donna - I suspect we don't freak our kids out nearly as much as would be good for them. ;-)

    @PK - Thanks, and again, what fun, to freak out one's children! :-D

  13. I love the moon. Especially when I get the rare chance to go catch it over the ocean in the summer. :) Something about when it's put in prospective against the waves and horizon.

  14. Wow you got some beautiful shots of the moon!

  15. I saw this on io9 today, Mina, and I thought of you. Check it out and let me know what you think:

  16. @Catherine & @kmckendry - I thank y'all kindly! :-)

    @Michael - Oh, Mah, Gah. I got chills. Thanks, Michael - that was/is beautiful.

  17. I love the one through the trees the best! Thanks for a fun fest of lunar lovin'!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. The moon/tree pic does seem to be a favorite, thanks!


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