Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Spook Out! Day 28 ~ Session 9 (2001)

IMDb Says...
"Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew as they work in an abandoned mental hospital with a horrific past that seems to be coming back."

I Say...
Not just "seems"...

Horror Type...
Psychological Horror, Thriller

Main Players...
Peter Mullan as Gordon Fleming (The Boss)
David Caruso as Phil (Second in Command)
Stephen Gevedon as Mike (Curious Cat)

I liked...
  • the writing, acting, use of space, and lighting--excellent
  • that, even though it's a bit of a slow burn, it's engrossing and well-paced, and kept me eager/anxious for the big reveal
  • how it masterfully builds the dread, creepiness, and suspense factors
  • the intricacies of, and tensions within, the men's relationships with one another
  • that it's hard to know whom to trust/believe, and
  • that it's hard to know what's real
  • the nephew character, what a sweetie (I heart Oreos too, kid!)

The Meh...
  • The motivating force behind...things is left somewhat ambiguous. I hate ambiguity, boo!
  • Though the creep factor was high, the scare factor was not. A few jumps would've seasoned the movie nicely.

Would I recommend it...?
Yes, it's a clever little thriller for the Halloween season! Sensitives will enjoy that the violence is more implied than shown (mostly) and that there's not much gore, really.

  • Session 9 was filmed on location at the former Danvers Lunatic Asylum in Massachusetts.
  • Peter Mullan (Gordon) also co-stars in this wonderful Britcom called Mum and plays just about the sweetest gruff guy you can imagine. The show's about loss, grief, picking up the pieces of your life, and finding love when you thought it impossible to love again. Oh, it's also about annoying relatives. It may not stream for free right now (I watched it on an Amazon channel to which I subscribe, BritBox) but can be rented or purchased outright--and it's so totally worth it! Highly recommend.

My Grade: B+
Rotten Tomatoes Scores: Tomatometer=64%, Audience Score=63%

Details, Schmeetails...
I Watched Session 9 on Netflix (the Rotten Tomatoes page linked above provides links to other streaming platforms)

This concludes Day 28 of

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  1. Worth a look. Netflix! I'll look for Mum. I had BritBox for a while, but I never watched it enough for me to justify it. Of course, that was during the Before times.

    1. I know, same here about BritBox. But I just know that if I cancel it a ton of shows I want to watch will suddenly materialize there!


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