Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Spook Out! Day 21 ~ Lights Out (2016)

Amazon Says...
"A young woman and her step-brother are terrorized by a malevolent spirit that only appears when the lights go out."

I Say...
Perfect summary.

Horror Type...
Supernatural Horror

Main Players...
Teresa Palmer as Rebecca, aka Becca (Super Big Sis)
Gabriel Bateman as Martin (Brave Lil Bro)
Alexander DiPersia as Bret (Loyal Wanna-be-Boyfriend)

I liked...
  • that the "rules" regarding the creature are quickly established, and they're pretty simple (though we later learn of a big one that's a real doozy)
  • the relationship btw Becca and Bret; it doesn't overwhelm the story but provides a lovely little subplot of sweetness. I also enjoyed that it was the gal in the dynamic who was the commitment-phobe, for a change
  • that gorgeous freaking house! Me want-y!
  • that it was a brisk, well-paced one hour and twenty-odd minutes of steadily and evenly unraveling yarn
  • the unique (IMO) "monster" idea

The Meh...
  • The prejudice shown against someone into a rock'n'roll-kinda lifestyle got up my nose. Really, someone's irresponsible bc she's got heavy metal rock posters on her wall? Give me a freaking break...
  • Spoilers and Trigger Warning for suicide ahead; click and highlight between the red colons to read :: A mentally ill character winds up completing suicide as a method of eliminating the creature plaguing them all. This development fills me with all sorts of squick and I wish they'd stuck with the plan of trying to get the character back on the prescribed medication that wasn't being taken. On the other hand, it is a true-to-life development, in some cases, and can serve as a reminder for us to keep checking in on loved ones and friends, to make sure they're caring for themselves appropriately. ::

Would I recommend it...?
Sure! It's (mostly) a fun little nightmare for your Halloween season, with low-level scares throughout and a handful of big jumps strategically placed. I doubt it goes hard enough for hardcore horror fans, though it might be a bit much for the super sensitive.

  • This feature's an expanded version of a short film by director David F. Sandberg. The short stars Sandberg's wife, Lotta Losten, who also has a cameo in the opening scenes of the feature film (I love that she was in it, using some of what she did in the short also in the feature). I have to admit that I find the short, which I first watched some years ago, utterly terrifying (in a way that the feature film isn't, for me). Never thought something under 3 minutes in length could have such a big bite, but that bad boy legit made me lose a night of sleep. I've embedded the short at the very end of this post but urge the sensitive to exercise caution--at the very least, don't watch it around bedtime!
  • I freely admit that, for years, I have slept with a dimmable lamp on its lowest setting, and I don't care who knows it. 😎

My Grade: B+
Rotten Tomatoes Scores: Tomatometer=76%, Audience Score=61%

Details, Schmeetails...
I Watched Lights Out on Amazon (the Rotten Tomatoes page linked above provides links to other streaming platforms)

This concludes Day 21 of

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Here's the short film upon which the feature film is based.
(Yea, verily, for I am not kidding!)


  1. You seem to have come up with a lot of movies in which the female characters aren't throwaways and/or decoration. I may check this one out if the rental doesn't involve signing up for a free trial or something.

    1. I did watch this (and a bunch of other things!) with a free HBO 7-day trial (and cancelled in time to avoid being charged--it's really easy to do!). But you can also rent it for 3.99.


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