Saturday, October 17, 2020

Spook Out! Day 17 ~ I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

Netflix Says...
"Nothing is as it seems when a woman experiencing misgivings about her new boyfriend joins him on a road trip to meet his parents at their remote farm."

I Say...
Yes. And no.

Horror Type...
Psychological Horror

Main Players...
Jesse Plemons as Jake (Diligent)
Jessie Buckley as Young Woman (Cerebral)
Toni Collette as Mother (Manic)

About the movie...
I can't tackle this movie as I have the others I'm reviewing this month, I'm Thinking of Ending Things defies the simplicity of stating things I liked vs things I disliked. This is a new kind of horror movie (to me), although for a good portion of it, you'll find that numerous horror movie conventions play out. After a while you begin to wonder if you've fallen asleep and are in a nightmare, or if someone spiked your drink, bc "WTF did I just see/hear and what does it all mean???"* becomes a common refrain in your mind as you watch. With apparent time shifts, weird coincidences, nonsensical name and wardrobe changes, as well as the dour, uncomfortable mood and creepy vibes, you question the very basis of reality in this movie world. And "What's really happening here?" is a good question. The key to arriving at an answer (that I didn't fully realize I had, until I listened to a few podcasts about the movie) is to ask, not what is this film about, but whom.

*But, at least, not like a WTF you'd ask watching the movie mother! 

Would I recommend it...?
Welp...if you like fiction that utterly messes with your mind, sure. If you like working out weird little puzzles, you bet. If you're not a super-sensitive type who cries during, like, long-distance phone service commercials, yeah. BUT if you're a cream puff (as I am) or suffer from any kind of depressive symptoms (as I do), maybe don't watch this, bc the horror here isn't solely psychological but existential, and the bitter end is sad af. If these latter conditions apply, please see if you can watch the movie with a good pal, someone you can go out for dinner/drinks with after, with whom you can dissect what you've just experienced.

There aren't any jump scares, and the acting is excellent across the board--but it's hella quiet and over two hours long, so it may have a pronounced soporific effect on you (yes, as it did on me, ngl--had to rewatch about the last 30-ish minutes or so bc Zzzzzz...). In a way, I'm kind of angry at this movie, as I feel the horror aspects are a bit bait and switch. On the other hand, in terms of how the story's told, it's rather genus genius.

Both Jess-es/ies (and David Thewlis, who plays Jake's father) are Fargo (the TV series) alums; Plemons from season two, Buckley from the current fourth season, and Thewlis from season three. They're all brilliant, as is the show in all its particulars--truly prestige TV. I've yet to meet with a season I haven't loved. Highly recommend!

My Grade: B+
Rotten Tomatoes Scores: Tomatometer=Not Available, Audience Score=Not Available

Details, Schmeetails...

I'll also link here the podcasts I listened to, to gain clarity on the movie. Spoilers abound, but these helped me shake off the jittery, uncomfortable vibes I had after I finished the movie.

This concludes Day 17 of

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