Friday, July 5, 2013

Yolanda Renée has MURDER on her mind!

My dear friend Yolanda Renée, of Defending the Pen, has some books coming out & I am totally stoked to tell you about 'em! Yolanda's encouraged & supported many fellow writers in the past,
myself included, so I couldn't wait to return the love.

Murder, Madness & Love and Memories of Murder are the first two books of a trilogy set in the states of Alaska and Washington, and Paris, France.

Murder, Madness & Love
August 5, 2013

After a gritty detective becomes involved with a beautiful widow suspected of murder, slander and obsession obstruct his quest for justice.

A killer plays cat and mouse with a young widow against the snowy backdrop of an Alaskan winter. Branded a black widow after the suspicious death of her millionaire husband, Sarah Palmer flees Seattle for Anchorage. But the peace and quiet she hoped to enjoy in her hometown is soon shattered. The killer is murdering Sarah look-alikes on the 14th of each month, taunting Sarah with a valentine of evidence.

After her experiences in Seattle, Sarah is slow to go to the police. When she finally does, she finds Detective Steven Quaid. Called on to protect the beautiful widow from a stalker intent on her destruction, Steven is convinced he can solve Michael Palmer's murder and arrest the stalker. However, crime is never simple, and before long Sarah has Steven wound up tighter than barbed wire. Is Sarah a victim or a very skilled manipulator? With a killer on the loose and a climbing body count, Steven cannot afford to hedge his bets-or his life.

Memories of Murder
September 5, 2013

A man of pure evil, a dedicated detective, and a talented artist meet in a fight that defines good and evil, love and obsession, betrayal and forgiveness.

After transferring to Seattle to repair his professional reputation, Detective Steven Quaid is unexpectedly demoted to the cold case squad. While helping a fellow officer he stumbles upon an unusual case–and an even more extraordinary foe. Unraveling the mystery gives him the case he is sure will right his stalled career, and brings him face to face with Luke Williams, aka Lucifer. An insidious man who delivers Quaid the ultimate choice: save his fiancée from an assassin’s bullet or stop the sacrifice of a young girl. Suddenly the effort to salvage his reputation pales in comparison to the loss of a future with the girl of his dreams.

About Renée
Although a native Pennsylvanian, Yolanda Renée chose to follow her adventurous spirit, which led her to Alaska where the Detective Quaid Series is set. Renée loves books, reading them, writing them, owning them – they are 'her precious'! She is all about mystery, murder, and romance . . . writing it! She is adventurous, shy, and creative. She is a wife, a mother, and a dreamer with an unquenchable desire for knowledge and an idealistic belief in good - yet she writes evil - but that's only because she loves defeating it!

A former controller who still loves numbers and now works hard to tell her stories in as few words as possible. Winning Flash Fiction challenges is her hobby and publishing her Detective Quaid mystery series her quest! She currently resides in Central Pennsylvania, with her husband, two sons, and the boss, Patches, her Boston terrier.

You can learn more about Renée at:


  1. Mina, thank you so, so much. This is awesome! I'm a bit late today, had to much excitement yesterday, not really, but it was a great day, and it included a 6ft black snake under the chair I was on. I almost fainted. Crazy fun day!
    But nothing beats going around the blogosphere and seeing these covers and blurbs up. It almost feels real! Still reeling from it all. Thanks, again!


      Congrats on your cover reveal - I wish you every success and will be buying both when they come out!!! :-)

  2. Wow! Looking forward to them. Congratulations to Yolanda!!!


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