Monday, July 29, 2013

Tuneage ~ An Expanded Soundtrack for July Fever 2013

If you checked out my post for Sofia Grey's July Fever last week, THANK YOU! July's not quite over and other authors are also offering giveaways, PLUS there are weekly prize bundles, too. So if you like-a the freebies, visit Sofia's site and be sure to comment for a chance to win some sex-ay stuff!

1blog + 31 authors = 31 Days of Hotness

For my post, I presented ten vids of tunes that get my motor running but, actually, there are way more than ten. So I futzed around on YouTube (you know, rather than tie up the loose ends on the book I'm releasing in September, or work on my next book, or some other necessary thing) and created a badass soundtrack for sexing. (OK, badass IMO; diff'rent strokes for different folks, and all...)

(Heh heh...strokes.)

Thus, I present the following playlist* of some 49-ish songs for your listening pleasure. I know; I shoulda gone for 69 songs, right? What can I offer in my own defense apart from reaffirming my inherent laziness? Besides which, I wanted to leave a bit of room for y'all to tell me about the songs that get you in the mood. If they float (the little man in) my boat, I'll add them to the playlist. But I'll have to cap the playlist at 69, 'cause I'm that immature. Anyway, I'm not telling you to watch them all, just click "Play All" and go about your business. Though, if your business suddenly revolves around gettin' busy, can thank me later.

(Please Note: Some videos in this playlist are absolutely not safe for work!)
(Or, in some cases, just about anywhere...)

*I acknowledge that this playlist is pretty damned similar to that from my 2012 The Dark Romance of Music From A to Z playlist, but this one is shorter and will, I'm sure, contain a few surprises...


  1. Interesting idea for a blogfest. With a house full of kids, I think quiet is preferable for me. :)

  2. Great list. Some of my fave artists/songs in there too, like Death Cab, Muse, "Black Velvet", "Natural One" (love that you have the Rage video clip version of this haha), and CATHERINE WHEEEEELL (one of my all-time fave bands). Also met some artists/songs I never had before, like Teena Marie, Specimen and others ;) Not surprised to find "Closer" on your list either. And Tracy Chapman is awesome of course. Great to see the Divinyls represented as well. Love "Run to You" by Bryan as well. ;)

    Some of the songs I'd put on MY sexy songs list are: "The Lever" by Silverchair, "Gun-Shy Sunshine" by Silversun Pickups, "Pyretta Blaze" by Type O Negative, "Love" by the Cult, aaand "Slaves & Bulldozers" by Soundgarden. But I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting. ;)

  3. Oh, oh, forgot "Wasting the Dawn" by the 69 Eyes ;)

  4. Well, dang it; now I've got a new list of stuff to check out! :-) I know Silverchair but that tune doesn't ring a bell (so to speak and pardon the almost pun). Same w/the other bands - know them but not sure I know those specific tunes by name (bet I'll know 'em when I look 'em up). :-)


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