Monday, July 1, 2013

A Bit of Bloggy Tweakage...

Y'all notice anything different on this here bloggy-blog? I done tweaked the page text font. Here's how it appeared before:
What's the diff? The specific font and its color. I changed from the PT Sans font to Lucida Sans Unicode, and the color from a super-light purple to a gray-ish hue. I felt like the previous color vibrated a bit too much for my eyes' comfort and the last thing I want to do is make my blog hard to read. (The content alone already achieves that effect.)

Here's that snippet again, with the PT Sans font/Languid Lavender color:

Here's that same text block in Lucida Sans Unicode font/Silver color (I didn't change the font size, Lucida Sans Unicode just happens to be a bigger font):

Whatcha think?

(It's OK if you don't notice a big difference. What I really want to know is if this new font/color is easier on your eyes or nay.)

(I do happen to enjoy the new look, as it feels just a wee bit more Goth to me than the PT Sans/Languid Lavender. OTOH, "Languid" so perfectly captures my personality.)
(Such as it is.)

Edited to add: Since some folks expressed a preference for the Languid Lavender, I thought I'd present an example of the Lucida Sans Unicode font with that color. Here 'tis:
Folks, at some point I plan on a posting some very basic information for you on what it is to be Goth, the origins of Goth, and how the modern Goth gets on in the 21st century, etc.
Hmmm, I dunno. Pretty color, but my eyes bug out, a wee bit, reading it against a dark background...


  1. I never realised the old font colour was purple! I like the new and the old - the larger size is nice, but now you've made me wonder if my fonts are too small!

  2. I prefer the new one....easier to read

    "Tweakage" is a good word.

  3. The change is a bit easier to read. :) I also tweaked my font a while back, a bit darker and bigger text. It helps a lot I think.

  4. I think the new font and its slightly larger scale are good. Truthfully, I find the Languid Lavender easier on the eyes from a contrast standpoint. Even though the new color is a gray, I find it a harsher contrast, too close to white against black. Of course, I also generally prefer almost any shade of purple to any other color. Hahahaha. I also like it better with the red you use. But it's not really that big a difference and should be whatever floats your boat. Try the new one for a while. You can always go back. It's not like it's an ex-husband; reconciling with him is rarely a good idea.

  5. With my reading glasses on, I like the PT Sans font/Languid Lavender color. With them off, I like the Lucida Sans Unicode font/Silver color. Does that help? Probably not. I like Sara's advice, try one for a while and if you don't like it you can always go back. (:

  6. Looks good to me and I appreciate the larger font!

  7. Prefer the new font size and the Languid Lavendar! Less struggle for the eyes.

  8. I like the changes you've made, both color and the resulting font size.

  9. Thanks so much everyone, for leaving me your feedback. So far, it seems the Lucida Sans Unicode's a hit, while there's still some interest in the Languid Lavender for text color. Thus, I've added one more test section, which is the new font with the old color, for further comparison.

    Annalisa, I'd read that, because reading text against a dark background proved hard on the eyes, those who insist on this kind of blog theme should be sure to provide a large-enough sized font that left room around the letters. Contrast/vibration of text font matters very much, as I learned last year, when my blog was critiqued. I'd been using white which, really, was horrible against the dark background!

    Sara Leigh: "Scale!" Yes, thank you! That's the word I groped around for and couldn't palpate as I wrote this post! And LOL about that ex-husband comment. Hah! :-D

    Elise, how interesting! Are you near- or far-sighted? Funny, last two eye exams, my left eye, which was VERY near-sighted, had improved and required a less strong Rx. Seems we become more far-sighted over time. Meanwhile, pretty much every Web site I visit gets the CTL + Plus Sign treatment, so I can magnify the text, otherwise my eyes completely wig out.

    1. Well I'm a little, (ok a lot) screwed-up and over the years each eye specialized in a different area, which is to say that now, my right eye is near-sighted, and my left is far-sighted. Which also means I *should* (but don't) use two reading glasses. Lucky me! :P

  10. I like the last, bigger one. Because I don't like wearing my reading glasses and I'm super selfish like that!

    Also, it's nice...

    I've been meaning to change my blog up for months now. Then I don't. I'm just lazy!



  11. Yeah, I like the new font and color. Easy on my eyes.


  12. I like both. I just can't make decisions. I think you should have random colours and fonts :)

  13. @Valerie, can't you get your minions to do it? (You totally strike me as the type to have minions...)

    @Donna, thanks for the feedback! (It's easier on mine, too.) :-)

    @Juliette, hah, who knows, I just might!

  14. Basically I think you have it right. The other font, albeit slightly finer I think is the better one, but the colour of the new one is spot on. As you correctly observed, the previous colour did jiggle a bit.

    Don't forget, you could go back to the old font, keep the new colour and just bump up the font size by 1 or 2 points.

    I keep putting off my blog facelift, afraid I might f - it up. But I know it's coming, it has to.

    Anyway, hope my two pennies worth helped some way.

    ;) x

    1. Thanks, Mark, I do appreciate hearing from you! The new font and color have grown on me, may just let it stay this way, for a while. :-)


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