Friday, October 10, 2014

Zombie Apocalypse: Survival Kit & Crew Bloghop!

The end is nigh! And Jackie @Bouquet of BooksDani @Entertaining Interests, and I want to know how you're going to survive it!

To welcome back one of our fave TV shows, The Walking Dead (season premiere's this coming Sunday, October 12!), we're building our respective zombie apocalypse dream teams and survival kits. Below are the folks and items this Goth Mom (Lite) wants around her when the shit hits the existential fan:


1 The Walking Dead character
Michonne, because GIRL POWAH!!!!! Also, I really admire her no-nonsense demeanor (and since I'm all-nonsense, I think we'd make great foils for one another, n'est-ce pas?).

1 book character
Molly Michon from several Chis Moore books because 1. I dig the symmetry of her last name and my first crew member's name and 2. she's an absolute nutter whose wackadoodle ideas always seem to turn out right, whether she's on her meds or not. Also, she's a BAMF with a broadsword (or is it a katana? I forget).

1 movie character
Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, for his already proven zombie-killing skillz.

1 TV character (other than TWD)
Piper Halliwell from Charmed, 'cause she could freeze hordes of the walkers so we could snuff 'em out en masse.

1 loved one
My Kid, Balthazar, so he could wiseass the zombies to death. (To their second, more final deaths. obviously.)

1 friend
My Dear Friend Karen, because she'd so totally organize our sleep/work/slay schedules.

1 freebie
Satellite radio DJ Madison, from Sirius XM's Alt Nation, 'cause slaying soundtrack.


1 comfort item
My copy of Georgette Heyer's "The Convenient Marriage" because it's hilarious and I find the hero wonderfully dreamy.

1 weapon
My rapier sharp wit.

No? OK, then; Max Brooks, author of "The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead," commends the machete for being the ultimate zombie-stopper, so that.

1 luxury item
Moisturizer. Though it's less a luxury than a necessity, as my skin's hella dry, and dry/cracked skin leaves one susceptible to all sorts of infection!

1 food item
Nutella. (Because YUM.)

1 medicine/first aid item
Rum. (What, ain'tcha never heard of medicinal alcohol?)

1 hygiene item
Since I'm suspending my disbelief anyway, a magically renewable supply of Always sanitary pads. ('Cause I can't imagine it being easy to pick these up when one's on the run for one's life.)

1 freebie
Matches. Fire good!


Montuak, Long Island (Me likey the ocean!)

Los Angeles, CA (Probably.) (It totally makes sense.)

Cause of it
Reality TV

Cure (if applicable)
An intrinsic sense of self-worth which isn't dependent upon others' adulation. (Haha...that's a toughy.)

1 item you NEED to find
Sturdy, water-proof, comfortable walking shoes with good arch support that come in a wide width. Oh, and they should be red, 'cause that's my fave color.

1 item you WANT to find
The Lindt chocolate factory.

Method of travel
Fire-breathing dragon, so we can fly high above the hoary dead while roasting them into oblivion!

And if you've a brief moment of respite from dodging the dead, be sure to pop 'round the other bloghop participants' sites to see how they plan to survive!


  1. Excellent choices, Mina! Shaun has great zombie slaying skills and could make you laugh your arse off, too. Humor is a necessity!
    Piper... what a great idea! And Michonne... it was a hard call between her and Daryl for me, but both are equally awesome.
    Thanks for co-hosting!!!

    1. Daryl and Michonne seem to be the popular picks, though I very nearly went with Rick (because W00F!).

  2. Ah the charmed ones. Great choice. And let me know if you ever get your hands on that fire breathing dragon. I'll be travelling up to join your group :)

  3. How I've missed your brand of "rapier sharp wit"! I'd be toting a bottle or ten of rum in that situation, too:) I'd bring along Ricky Gervais so he & Shaun could entertain us with their British banter, since humor would become a hot commodity in the wake of an apocalypse:)

    1. OMG, I can just image Pegg and Gervais' solution to the zombie apocalypse! :)

  4. Michonne is a perfect choice!! And Piper!! Loved that show. We were totally channeling each other with the chocolate bit!! A dragon would be pretty fantastic!! I loved those & your clever wit!!

    1. Thanks, Dani. I want you on my team if this zombie jazz ever goes down!

  5. I love the choices you made for your crew! And you're probably right, reality TV is probably going to cause a zombie apocalypse.

  6. Two Michon(n)s?! That is awesome...I honestly thought your weapon of choice was going to be the Zombie survival guide, lol - I should have used that as a freebie item...

    1. Great minds! I read that book waaaaaaaaay back, before zombies were so trendy (in fact, I rather suspect it of having renewed the craze) and remember being utterly chilled by how seriously Brooks wrote on the matter. :)

  7. You are so practical with those Always pads. That would be my luck. The world's ending and on day two of running for your lives, oh, look who came to visit. Great timing.

    (I'm not a zombie expert, but can they smell blood? Cause that would be especially horrible. That might make a good horror movie/book. A group of women, all friends, so they're all on the same schedule, and they can't escape the zombies because the zombies keep following their blood scent. Hmmmm. :) )

    1. That's a terrifyingly brilliant idea. You should totally write it!!!!! :-)

  8. Fire breathing dragon doubles as a weapon. I don't know, a razor sharp wit might just do the trick. This was lots of fun Mina.


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