Monday, September 22, 2014

1st Anniversary Giveaway!

Book swag!
This Wednesday, September 24, 2014, marks one year since I self-published my debut novel, That Fatal Kiss, so I thought I'd celebrate with a giveaway! Three lucky winners, selected at random, will receive:
  1. 1 trade-paperback sized print copy of That Fatal Kiss
  2. 1 bookmark (in the picture, I show each side of the bookmark)
  3. 1 TFK pen, and
  4. 1 pair of what I'm calling "pomegranate seed beaded" earrings, because the seeds of this fruit play a pivotal role in the narrative (who knew fruit could be so influential?)
To enter this drawing, simply leave a comment for this post by 11:59p.m. on Sunday, September 28. All lovers of romance from around the world are welcome to enter. The three winners will be chosen using and will be announced next Monday, September 29.

And if you've a friend who digs some o' that Greek-mythological sexy, feel free to pass along the news by using one of the "Share" buttons below.

Good luck!

Edited to add: Readers can now comment "anonymously" but I ask that you give at least a first name here in your post so I can list you as a winner, if you are among the three randomly chosen. If you do post anynomously and win, please e-mail me at aoorooo at gmail dot com, with mailing information for the swag-s-swag.


  1. How exciting! This is an amazing giveaway! I'll do what I can to spread the word for you. :)

  2. Happy anniversary! How cool of you to do a giveaway for it! I'm never one to resist anything involving Greek mythology... ;)

  3. I didn't realize it had been a year! Happy birthday, TFK! That's some nice swag to go with your book.

  4. Happy anniversary!!!! Good luck everyone (although I secretly hope I win)

  5. A year already?! ... I still need to put up a review *hides behind hands in embarrassment* Love this book!!! Happy Anniversary, dear Mina!

  6. And I bet that year flew by. Happy anniversary TFK! And here's to another successful year :)

  7. Congratulations! Neat giveaway. :)


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