Monday, July 7, 2014

Re-Tweeting the Love...

It's a fantastic feeling when folks either:

a. find your Tweets so fabulous or

b. find YOU so fabulous

that they want to share your stuff with their own Twitter followers by re-tweeting it. So, because your pal(s) did you this kindness, you might Tweet back a quick, "Thanks for the RT!"—a polite and lovely way to acknowledge someone's support.

After doing this myself for a good while, I saw another way I could show my thanks. First, as soon as I can, I "Favorite" that person's re-tweet, to show that I saw it and am grateful. Next, I find something of my follower's to re-tweet (which takes about the same amount of time as it takes to type out a thank-you message). This is especially helpful to fellow authors, whether Indie or traditionally published, or creators of ANY stripe, as you're spreading the word about their stuff, which is exactly what they need.

This works for Facebook too: go ahead and "Like" that post of yours that your peep has "Shared" and then share something of your peep's! In fact, this is probably doable on any social media platform.

What if you can't find something of your friend's to re-tweet or share? You can quickly create something by Tweeting about your friend's Web site, or Sharing a memory of some kooky shenanigans y'all got up to, way back when.

For me, the bottom line is that I want my followers/friends to know that I saw what they did for me and want to return the favor by promoting them as well. I mean, yeah, it's generally more work than I like to do, lazy gal that I am, but it feels good (when I remember to do it!). ;-)


  1. I have a FB friend who hates it when anyone shares something she's posted. She really takes the fun out of it. I have tried to tell her, 'this is a social networking site, you are supposed to share' and she says she doesn't care, she hates the 'monkey see monkey do' mentality. She says she spends time finding cute or funny stuff to share and that's what everyone should be doing. She has posted in the comment section, 'do not use or share this, go find your own stuff.' And OMG when she posts pictures they come with an all-caps admonishment against sharing or tagging her pics.

    1. I don't know why I find this hilariously funny, but I totally do! :-)

  2. And you are very good at it. I need to do this too, lazy gal also....leave it with me!

    1. And the NEXT thing I need to do is get more regular with Twitter and Facebook and blog reading again!!! :-)

  3. Great idea Mina! I will follow your lead, no doubt. =)

  4. I agree, Mina. I've been choosing RTing over thanking tweeps lately. So glad to see someone post about it.



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