Monday, December 23, 2013

Streaming Consciousness: A Post-Birthday Pictorial...

...gentle readers, pray forgive the lateness of this week's post. I traveled for my birthday this past weekend (Dec. 21 was the day; no, it's not too late to buy/send me something fabulous) and got in late last night. The Kid returned from skewl while I was away, so we had a bit of catching up to do, thus, I'd no time to write this week's post till today. I present for your visual pleasure a pictorial of my birthday trip to our nation's capital, Washington D.C...

...I began my day with the local brew,
possibly my new preferred brand,
Zombie Coffee...

...I wasn't able to capture the "Happy birthday Mina!" Google wished me,
though I did snag the doodle...

...I realized I hadn't packed my Kindle power cord, so I stopped by the local bookstore and picked up a Regency romance
(though the gowns on the cover seem more Georgian than Regency, to me),
April Lady, by one of my fave authors, Georgette Heyer...

...when My Dear Friend Sara Leigh joined me, we betook ourselves to a place I've longed wanted to visit, the International Spy Museum. There, I was astonished to learn all of the truly wretched things humans are capable of doing to learn one another's secrets while keeping others from learning theirs...

...for dinner, we adjourned to a lovely place Sara Leigh'd introduced me to some years ago, Co Co. Sala: Chocolate Lounge and Boutique
(the image below is of Sara Leigh's dessert,
as I'm damned if I'll share even just pictures of mine)...

...the following day we headed over to The Phillips Collection (America's First Museum of Modern Art!) to check out, among other things,
Van Gogh's Repetitions...

Vincent van Gogh [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons I noted on Facebook recently, my age no longer equals the answer to life, the universe, and everything, alas. 42 saw me reach the high of self-publishing my debut romance novel, That Fatal Kiss, and the low of pining for my own, seemingly impossible, romance. I don't mind telling you that I both marvel at, and fear, what 43 may bring...

But as long as Goth Mom Lite's got her mascara and red lipstick,
she aims to roll with the punches as best she can...


  1. Happy birthday, Mina! (Well, happy belated birthday, anyway, haha.) That's more than a good enough reason to be late with posting. Hope being 43 ends up giving you nothing to fear! :)

  2. Belated happy birthday, chick xxx and may I also wish you and yours a very merry Christmas, and the very best for the coming new year :D

    Continued success and happiness in your writing, sweet pea :)

  3. You... You had me at Zombie Coffee.

    Happy birthday, you sexy thang!!!



  4. It was a lovely weekend! And nobody who met you IRL would ever believe you're 43, especially moi! Especially with that fabuloso red lipstick!

  5. Sounds like you had a great birthday trip!! Hope you had an awesome time and Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Sounds like an excellent birthday!

    Now carry that celebration into the the New Year and party on!

  7. Co Co. Sala: Chocolate Lounge and Boutique sounds like heaven! HEAVEN!! What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! You look gorgeous in that photo! ❤

    Merry Christmas to you and your son, Mina! xo

  8. Aw, thanks, you total DOLL you! And ditto!!! ❤

  9. That sounds like an awesome birthday trip. And dayum that dessert looked like the epitome of decadence. And you look gorgeous! 43 is already treating you right! Happy belated birthday!!!

  10. It seems I'm late in the festivities. Yet, dear lady, your birthday, a celebration of hope for the future. 43 shall be whatever you wish it to be. Keep remembering how awesome you are.

    Bless you, Mina.

    Gary :)

  11. What a delightful post! I'm so happy you did special things on your birthday and thoroughly enjoyed yourself. You've accomplished a lot this year. I hope 2014 brigs you even more success! :-)

  12. Thanks, Ava, Gary, and Lexa! ❤❤❤


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