Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hiatus Haiku...

Aye, 'tis Robert Burrrrrrrns.
Hiatus Haiku
 Moving this weekend
Interwebs uncertain, so
New post on 10/8?

Sorry I've not been following along with y'alls' blogs, folks. I hope to catch up once the dust settles. Oh, and once my Internet service is set, back at the ranch. The 'rents, that is.

Since I'm here, if you've not yet signed up for my Resurrection Blogfest, check it out! It's an easy way to put yourself in the running for an gift certificate! (And while you're at it, keep the nightlight on inside the birdhouse in your soul...uh, I mean, spread the word, whydontcha?)

And Happy Michaelmas, y'all!


  1. Noooooo! Good luck with the move! We'll be here when you get back =)

  2. Hope all goes well with the move! And thanks for the tune.

  3. Mina. As much as I will miss your epic posts, I look at it this way. The mere fact that you are unable to blog for the next week or so means that there will be a Mina shaped blogsplosion* come the eighth of October. That's the blog post I want to see. Eight days of no blogging for Mina, means hilarious posts for everyone else to read.

    They Might be Giants actually transcend music. I worship at their altar of pop/rock weirdness and think every one else should too.

    All the best for the move, I hope all goes well.

    Rock on.

    *If Blogsplosion doesn't exist as a thing yet, you heard it here first.

  4. Good luck settling in!! :D See you soon!

  5. the night light is on but flickering - good luck at the rents - I'm sure there'll be come kind of silver lining (yeah the Resurrection blogfest) :)

  6. My mom doesn't want to live with me so much that she is planning for nursing homes...and she doesn't need one yet. Not even close.

  7. Just thought I'd swing by to say that I've got my post all ready for blog fest! AND I put up a button AND it links back to you.... AND I did it ALL BY MYSELF!


    I have a lot going on that week so to make sure I don't forget, I have it all scheduled to go... You'd think it would be easy to find one of my early ones that no one has seen, but no... seems you guys actually use the tabs at the top of my blog. Who knew? :)

    Anyway... totally excited!

  8. That pic of Burns made me laugh!
    Hope the move goes smoothly! *hugs*

  9. When you get a chance and get internet up and running again, hop on over...I've got my tag questions up. (:

  10. have a safe and easy move! We'll be right here when you get back.


  11. Eew. Moving. That's like punishment. I've moved 20-25 times in my life. I'm a pro! But it never gets any less exhausting and annoying.
    Good luck and I hope it's over quick! :-)

  12. I'm taking a moment at work to thank you all for your good thoughts and wishes. Still no Interwebs at the 'rents, though maybe it'll be on today(?) In any event, I really appreciate all of y'alls' support. Hugs all around! And I hope I'm able to catch up with all of your blogs soonishly! <3


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