Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Inspired (Redux) & The Next Big Thing Award!

Though I have been tagged with the "Be Inspired" meme before, there weren't any questions attached to it in that particular version. Now that the groovy Michael Offutt, author of sci-fi/fantasy novel Slipstream, has tasked me with bragging about one of my own books, I feel compelled to comply. Thanks for thinking of me, Michael!

I was also tagged by author Kate Larkindale of Fiction and Film for the "Next Big Thing" award - thanks so much, Kate!

I've merged these two memes into one post because the questions in each are nearly identical. (And because I don't like to work too hard, as many of you already know.) For each, writers are asked to discuss one of their books. There's really only one question that varies from one meme to the other, which I'll note below.

1. What is the name of your book?
That Fatal Kiss.

2. Where did the idea come from?
My interest in Greek mythology and my weakness for a passionate love story. (More about this in #8.)

3. In what genre would you classify your book?
Romance (mythical).

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie?
As I wrote That Fatal Kiss, I couldn't help but envision British actor Jeremy Northam as the male "lead," Hades—there's a sensual mastery he brings to pretty much every role that I always saw as perfect for the Lord of the Underworld (picture the scene in the movie Possession in which he's unlacing Jennifer Ehle's corset and you'll know just what I mean) (if you've not yet seen the film, I really think you need to). For the female lead, Persephone, I never had a particular actor in mind...I envision her as being in her early 20s (so to speak; time is relative for the Greek gods) (I imagine), with long, rich auburn curls, and amber brown eyes. She's intelligent, witty, and compassionate. I'd maybe say Kate Winslet (who I think would be a great leading lady for Northam, regardless of the project) except she's matured a bit for the part (the way she played Marianne in Sense and Sensibility is sort of, though not quite, how I'd see her play Persephone). The only other person who comes to mind is Emmy Rossum (as she played Christine in the 2005 Phantom of the Opera adaptation) (only, you know, a bit saucier).

5. Give us a one sentence synopsis of your book.
Gah, I suck at summarizing my stories, but I'll try:

Hades, fearsome Lord of the Underworld, wrests youthful goddess Persephone away from her life aboveground to be his bride—but the powerful goddess may yet escape him...if she really wants to.

6. How long did it take you to write the first draft?
Hmmm...a year (ish)? I was unemployed for about three months and began writing TFK fast and furious then, but slowed down when I got a jobby-job.

7. Is your book already published (Be Inspired)/will it be self or traditionally published (Next Big Thing)?
Not yet/it will probably be self-published, unless some publishing miracle comes to pass in the immediate future...

8. Who or what inspired you to write this book?
I'd become interested in Greek mythology as a kid and the bug for Hades and Persephone's story bit me in my adolescence. With my imperfect understanding, I found it sooooo romantical that the powerful god wanted the goddess sooooo much that he just couldn't help but ransom her away to his underground kingdom, though part of me didn't think it was fair to the poor gal to just take off with her without first asking if she wanted to go. Later, in college, I took a lit course that examined the Greek myths and, as part of my research, read some folks' opinions that Persephone and Hades' marriage was one of the few faithful and happy ones among the gods; that when together, they ruled harmoniously; and that at least once Persephone displayed some jealousy for/possessiveness of Hades when a sneaky nymph put the moves on the goddess' man. Er, the goddess' mate. Anyway, the dark romantic in me perked up at the idea that Persephone grew to want Hades just as much as he wanted her. Then it was just a hop, skip, and jump to imagining their rocky road to love and I just had to put my revisionist interpretation of the myth in writing.

9. What else about your book would pique the reader's interests?
Um...maybe the following snippet?
“Enough,” Hades said, closing the distance between them.  “I have taken you with your father’s consent, as custom allows.  You are in my kingdom, under my rule, and if you have any care for your continued well-being, you will get into my bed.  Now.”  And with the removal of the pins which held together his black cloak, he stood naked before her.

The anger warming Persephone clashed with another fire that roared to life within her.  She choked on a breath and turned her face from him.  “Be warned; I will resist you with the full force of my being, through violent means, if necessary.”
His large, unyielding hands encircled the soft flesh of her upper arms as he said, “If you must.  Though your surrender to me would prove more satisfying to us both.”
You're supposed to tag five other writers, and so I tag:

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I hope y'all check these gals out!


  1. Thanks for the tag! I'll try to post about it on Wednesday. Good luck with your WIP. It sounds very interesting. Mythology has always fascinated me.

  2. Congrats on the awards! And yes, those "jobby-jobs" sure put a damper on writing output. I've reached the age where I've left the jobby-jobs far behind, and I hope they never find my forwarding address. :-)

  3. This sounds like a story I would very much like to read, I love Greek myths, and your version sounds really good! :)

  4. @LG - My pleasure. I really enjoy what I've read of your writing and can't recommend it highly enough.

    @Lexa - Lucky gal! :-)

    @Laura - Thanks so much!

  5. Hmm, the naked Hades line got me. THAT I gotta read! Good luck with getting it out there.

  6. I love Greek mythology too. Fantastic excerpt! Nicely played!

  7. Nice highbrow post, although I'm in sort of skimmy read mode so I didn't take it in - something about a bloke from the underground removing his black clock and telling the time naked. BTW I have interviewed Jeremy Northam. I had no idea who he was at the time and had miserably failed to research the film which was called the Golden Bowl, I believe, so it was one of the most pathetic interviews I have done. Just saying. OK your rules are kind of complicated and I think the blog I was going to use maybe wasn't from year 1 of blogging (gah) but methinks I will be downloading your badgy thing soon.

  8. @Catherine - now that you mention it, it rather gets to me, too. ;-)

    @Ava - Merci!

    @David - Wow, that's pretty cool that you interviewed JN, dude. And quit whinging about my rulez; without them, we have chaos, and I ain't no anarchist. Not today, anyway...but seriously, David, if you need help figuring out how to upload the badge, e-mail me at aoorooo at gmail dot com and I'll send you instructions. And I'm SURE you can find something within your first year...a bit of fiction, perhaps???

  9. yes boss - let's just say mission accomplished :)

  10. Thanks for the tag hon. I'm drowning in edits so as soon as I get past this round, I'll tackle some of these tags. (: Also, I'm a Greek mythology fan too and love, LOVE your premise. Hurry up and get this book out there so I can read it. The excerpt btw is HOT. (;

    1. Good for you, slogging away at those edits! And thanks for the encouraging words; I've had some beta readers but feel I need a critique partner, you know, a fellow writer who digs romance and can commit to a full read (for whom I'd do the same), before I can grit my teeth and self-pub.

  11. Congratulations on the awards, Mina! You absolutely deserve them. And your book sounds great -- I wish you tremendous success with it! May it take off and forever free you from the chains of the loathsome jobby-jobs!

  12. Your book sounds interesting. I do like your choice of actors to play the parts also. Keep us updated!

  13. Congrats on the awards! I love that your book came about from your love of Greek Myth :)


  14. Take her! Take her now! I'm so hooked. Would love to read more about these two classic characters. Well done.

    Thanks for the tag! *happy dance* Congrats on the awards.


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