Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tuneage ~ Faith No More

For this episode of Tuneage, I'm keeping with the maternal-angst-Emo-Goth-Mom (Lite!) theme of the past two posts. (In a message to a friend on Facebook, I noted my downgrade from "Mom" to "Mom Lite"—less filling, tastes great!) (I don't know what I'm saying, people. I'm just trying to fulfill my contractual Thursday posting obligation.) (There's not an actual contract, but I suspect you already knew that...)

OK, back to the tuneage.

Folks, I don't know a lot about experimental rock/funk metal band Faith No More. I remember that the singer of one of their biggest hits, We Care A Lot, was in the band for only a couple of years before Mike Patton scored the lead role. (Mike Patton = le woof!) I remember when their fish-outta-water video (literally) for Epic caused a big ruckus with animal rights' groups circa 1990. I remember the fall of 1996, in which their album Angel Dust was in heavy rotation on my Walkman (pictured above). What makes that time period especially memorable is that I was taking my one and only French class at a local community college and, to get there, I took a bus that was obliged to pass through (and pick up passengers at) a psychiatric hospital's compound. Yeah, that was a good time, especially around Halloween.

Anyway, I'd made a mix tape with some tunes off this album and off their earlier The Real Thing album, songs which resounded with me in a particular soul-reaching way, and also helped me sort of detach from my woes and laugh at them, a bit. One of the tunes, A Small Victory, I already shared with y'all in this post. Below are the others which seem, to me, apropos, given recent events in my so-called life (am I good at this Emo thing or what?):

And to wrap up this excess of emotion, I want to thank everyone who's chimed in with supportive comments over my past couple of posts—you guys care a lot and I'm truly grateful. Thank you.


  1. I always liked that video to Falling to Pieces. Thanks for posting! Music is an awesome therapy

  2. I LOVE making mix tapes! I don't even own an ipod. Well I have a small one a friend gave me but I've no idea what to do w/ it. Sadly, I've not heard of any of the music you listen knowledge of music ends in about 1987, except for a handful of songs from the 90s to now that I've heard in commercials or the radio.

  3. Faith No More was one of my faves back in the day! The song Falling to Pieces = brilliant.

  4. Love Faith No More. and apparently at one of the Big Days Out in Australia a few years back, he showed his erect penis while on stage ;)

  5. I don't remember this band. I'm too uncool.

    I just looked back at your 2 previous posts. I didn't know it was time already--I'm sorry. What a hard time. What a strange job we mothers have to work ourselves out of a job.

  6. @Heather - agreed!

    @JoJo - I don't own an iPod either, though I do use an MP3 player (which I bought myself in 2007).

    @Jackie - I find something about that song bizarrely uplifting. :-)

    @The Six-Fingered Monkey - thanks!

    @Trisha - O_o That kooky Mike Patton! ;-)

    @Theresa - You're so not uncool! For sure you must've heard "We Care a Lot" in the late 80s, though! And you know what, I think that last sentence of yours is ***brilliant*** and will commence to quoting it. (See how dang cool you are???)

  7. Loved Faith No More and haven't heard them in years. Thanks for the memories here. What a great band. I do remember the ruckus of the fish. It seems so ordinary now.

    1. You're right, it does seems rather tame by comparison to what some videos have going on nowadays...


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