Monday, August 27, 2012

Sparks ~ Comfort Foods

I reckon this post won't require too much explanation: below are the foods I turn to when I seek (non-alcoholic) comfort.

Buttery pancakes with syrup, sausages, and coffee with half & half.

Mac & cheese, crunchy Cheetos, and Diet Coke (just for the taste of it).

Bacon cheeseburger, salty rustic fries, and a raspberry iced tea.

Godiva's Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel Bar.

But if things are really rough, I bring out Da Big Guns:
Häagen-Dazs Rocky Road Ice Cream

Can you say, "Holy carb overload, Batman!"?

I knew that you could.


All pictures snapped by me, me, me...


  1. Thanks, can't get some of that stuff here in Norway but I still want it...hungry now!

  2. Burger King Bacon Double Cheese is enough to turn me into a slavering imbecile. I love them. Pint of ice cream of choice is Ben and Jerry's Caramel Sutra. It's all kinds of extra special. Thanks missy, I have to shopping now and I'll be hungry as well! I will be blaming you for all food bought on this trip. ;)

  3. Thanks a lot, now I'm starving. I see pizza and beer in my dinner plans for this evening :)

  4. Did you know that Haagen-Dazs is actually made in New Jersey? And that "Haagen-Dazs" is actually a made up name (like...okay...Al Penwasser)?
    The whole point is marketing to people who think consumers prefer an ice cream which sounds exotic. Let's face it....Scandinavia sounds much more appealing than New Jersey.
    Oh, screw it!!!! It tastes fantastic!!!
    And...Diet Coke with Cheetos! You rock.

  5. @Siv Maria - are you telling me there's not an American-styled restaurant in your vicinity just *itching* to clog your arteries?????

    @Elliot - Hey, Dude, nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by!

    @Wayne - Lord, I haven't had Burger King in AGES, and I just ADORE their onion rings and special onion ring sauce...they have that sauce over in Wales, Dude? Or wait; I bet y'all just dip the rings in Marmite or something, right??? ;-) PS: I've noticed you've got another installment of Reunion up on your blog; haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but plan to, ASAP.

    @Martha - Pizza (pepperoni, to be specific) and Heineken were on my initial list of comfort foods to blog about. BUT now I'm on medication which prohibits consumption of alcohol (THE HORROR!!!) so, alas, I couldn't have the meal to snap pics of it. How about you take pics of your dinner tonight so I can live vicariously through you? ;-)

    @AL - LOL, I didn't know that about my fave ice cream maker! But you know, their Rocky Road, by any other name, would still be le awesome. :-) And yes, Cheetos and Diet Coke together seems so wrong, but just tastes so damned right...

  6. This made me hungry :) My comfort food is chips and salsa...the spicier the better!

  7. Apart from chocolate - which goes without saying for me - my fave comfort food is mashed potatoes and omelette, with a good dollop of ketchup. Yummy!!

  8. Anything crunchy and salty and I'm totally in! I recently had popcorn with truffle oil and truffled salt with freshly shaved Parmesean cheese on top - heaven! Oooo! And truffled French fries! (did I mention I'm a whore for truffles?) I'd gladly arm wrestle for onion rings although I'm not a fan of the Burger King ones - those are pieced together. I like my onion rings homemade, beer battered style. In one of my less proud moments, I have eaten an entire half pound bag of Doritos in an evening. Speaking of which, did you know that Taco Bell has a taco with a shell made out of what has to be pulverized Doritos nacho cheese chips? I do tell people that Taco is not actually food, but a gathering of chemicals in a food-shaped form, but I do harbor a deep love of it! mmmmmmmm! Dammit, now I'm hungry and I've been soooooooo good today! - Katy O

  9. Pancakes, ice cream, and greasy food are all I have eaten since I have moved. But I love them all!!

    I need to get to a grocery store and get something nutritious soon.

  10. You're a girl after my own heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMMMMMM!!!!

  11. @Heather - Mmmm, chips and salsa! (Love them with mojitos!)

    @Annalisa - You had me at "potatoes." :-)

    @Katy - Well, if you were so good today, that means you can be *really bad* tonight, amiright??? ;-)

    @a.eye - Yeah...after reviewing these pics, I'm thinking maybe I need to do that, too. ;-)

    @JoJo - I keep forgetting to read your Lizzie Borden blog posts during the day and daren't read them now that I'm home alone at night! I've gotta make a note to self to check 'em out during lunch! :-)

  12. yay - these are all of the foods I am seeking to avoid to cut bad cholesterol etc which makes them seem six times more appealing after eating bloody black eyed peas all the time - sigh.

  13. I LOVE pancakes! Which as a diabetic I am verboten, but every once in a great while...And I have to have perfect pancake to syrup ratio. In other words if they aren't practically drowning, I need more syrup LOL

  14. Haagen Daz chocolate is the absolute pinnacle of ice creamery perfection, as far as I'm concerned. Just chocolate -- straight -- and right out of the carton.

    Lots of luscious yumminess in this post, Mina!

  15. How is it that I've never heard of a Godiva chocolate salted caramel bar? And why do I now have the overwhelming NEED to devour one?

    Beautiful, beautiful comfort food.

  16. OMG Mina, you had me licking my monitor! I love carbs....*sighs*

  17. Oooh you and I have a lot of comfort foods in common. ^_^

  18. @David - are black eyed peas the antidote to high levels of bad cholesterol?

    @Melissa - I know just what you mean, girlfriend.

    @Chris - Thanks, though I feel a bit badly, now, for leading others into temptation...

    @Ava - I don't think they've been around that long...

    @Elise - ROTFL! That sounds like a private matter, my dear. ;-)

    @Misha - Despairing minds think alike??? ;-)

  19. My go to ice cream when I can find it is Dove's Unconditional Chocolate. Yum-E!

  20. Mmmmm...sounds gooooooooood....but then, chocolate always does. :-)

  21. Cheetos are AWESOME!


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