Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My First Bloggy-Blog Award!!!!!

OMG! My new friend Mark K over at The DM's Screen nominated me for "The Versatile Blogger" award!

And, apparently, a nomination equals a win, which is super groovy as I don't like to have to work too hard for things. (If you're a regular reader, you may have noticed.)

When I first saw his note about the nomination I was all, "Quelle surprise!" 'cause I like to pretend I can speak French, even if no one's around to hear me. I've been blogging for just about four months, give or take, so I'm still a n00b but I do try to vary my goofery so, my congenital sluggishness notwithstanding, I think I've earned this thing. So YAY, ME! And cheers, Mark!

But alas, with great honor comes great responsibility - "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown," and whatnot. This award comes with some RULES.

Here's what a newly coronated Versatile Blogger's gotta do:
  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  2. In the same post, add the Versatile Blogger Award.
  3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.
  4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.
  5. In the same post, include this set of rules.
  6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nominations by posting a comment on each of their blogs.
OK, so I've knocked out numbers 2, 3, and 5. (PS: On the side I'm posting the nifty award badge devised by Mark K, as I just like it more betterer than the original green one.) (I totally use "more betterer" ironically.) (The more I do this, the more I have to remind myself that it's actually incorrect.)

Now as for Rule # 1...Dudes, I'm sorry, I'm not hep to every versatile blogger there is in Creation, so I can't possibly nominate 15, but here are the ones I do know*:

*Um...some of y'all have already been nominated for this award, and I totally geddit if you're not up to going through the whole rigmarole again, just wanted to give you props.  :-)  ALSO - if I didn't nominate a particular blog it's either because:
  • I've got Momnesia (mothers' amnesia, where exhaustion and stress make you forget, like, super important stuff), OR
  • Your blog is themed around one particular subject and I wasn't sure it fit the "versatile" aspect of this award-whatsit. No offense intended, honest. (I saved that for Random Fact #3, below.)

I'm fairly confident that, after I've gone through my fellow bloggers' Blogging A to Z Challenge posts this April, I will know PLENTY of versatile cats and kittens. Uh, bloggers. C'mon, you know what I mean.

And NOW for...

Seven Completely Random Facts About Moi
  1. I developed vitiligo after an ill-advised marathon tanning stint in my parents' native Portugal when I was 16. Since then I've had white splotches on the backs of my hands and some white eyelashes on my right eyelid. (I know; that's so HOT, right?????)
  2. I prefer to do/buy things in 3s, or, at the very least, in odd numbers. (I nearly had a panic attack when I could come up with only 6 nominees earlier...thank God I thought of a 7th!)
  3. I'm extremely prejudiced. No, really. I'm deeply suspicious of folks who exclusively prefer: a) Pepsi to Coke; b) white wine to red and; c) Cheese Doodles to Cheetos. It's not that I hate y'all, I just don't trust y'all, and I may feel compelled to cross the street, should we ever chance upon one another in our daily travels.
  4. My very first career aspiration was to be one of Charlie's Angels.
  5. After that, I settled on the more mature and realistic vocation of Rock Star. (Still haven't given up that dream.) ('Cause it's so common for rockers to embark on their careers when they're middle-aged, you know.)
  6. Since I quit taking sugar in my coffee (though I won't give up cream), I've become an insufferable coffee snob. (Some might say I was insufferable long before that.)
  7. According to my Kid, I'm the only person in the world who actually goes, "ah-CHOO!" when she sneezes. (Though I can't confirm this to be a true statistic.)
Woo, that was a LOT of unanticipated writing I just did there! And I still gotta tell them 7 folks above that I done tagged them for awards! Gah! Je suis fatiguée, y'all!


  1. Thanks for the nomination, Mina! I think I'm turning into a bit of a coffee snob too, and it started when I gave up sugar like you. I don't see it as a bad thing though :)

    1. Hear, hear! I have to say, I do miss the sweetness once in a while and give in and get a syrupy latte from Starbucks (I *adore* their holiday lattes!), but I've noticed that sugar can mask a multitude of coffee sins.

  2. Mina,

    Mega thanks for gushing over my betterererer badge of ultimate lushness - but you do not have to use the sickly green one. Even I can see how it spoils the look of your blog! Ditch the snot, and whack in the red, instead. Just mention the green thing can be had on my blog should they so desire.

    Once again, ace to have you in on the action, and I was going to say that if you didn't have enough folks to award to, that ain't a problem either.

    Best regards

    Marco Polo

    1. "...ditch the snot..." - LOL! I thought I'd post the original so folks who really dig green can go with it (I like green, but *love* red). Also, I'm selfish and don't want anyone to rip off the fabulous badge you made me! :-D

    2. #$%!!!
      I want to use the red one!
      I LOVE IT

  3. Mina,

    Apologies, I sent you the wrong badge - the updated version has the word 'Award' on it, as it should have from the beginning... doh!

    I'm emailing the correct version to you after I've posted this.


    1. Aw, you needn't have gone to the trouble but I'm grateful that you did - I've got the new one up now!

  4. Thanks for the award Mina. I also go "a-Choo" when I sneeze so you are not alone.

  5. Thanks so much for recognizing Suburban Vampire in your list...although you may have second thoughts after you hear I'm one of those people who prefers Pepsi. Hey, at least it's not Dr. Pepper!

    1. Pepsi?!? ::shudders::

      Well, I'll just try to get past that bit of info, 'cause I heart your blog. But I'm keeping my eye on you... ;-)

  6. You like really like me! I would like to thank the...oh, that's not right :/
    Thank you so much, Mina!! (omg! inside I am literally gushing with HAPPY!!
    )I think I am going to need some help with adding the award badge and whatnot. I am so excited that more people may be looking at the world through my lens, thanks to you and this award thingie!

    You're alright, girl..I don't care what FC says about you (j/k) ;)

    Oh..I prefer Mt.Dew, I drink ice coffee with just cream (of course), and I don't really like wine of any variety (most especially the variety that comes out of my children ;)
    <3 Bleu

    1. @T.L. - if you like the one Mina has (not the green thing) I have other colours to choose from, including turquoise, yellow, bright green (but nice), fiery orange, blue and Black & white.

      Just pop over to my blog

      or let Mina know and she can contact me on your behalf via the ouija board... just kidding :)

    2. LOL, Bleu!

      I peeked at your blog - looks like you figured out how to handle the badge! I look forward to reading your blog post and learning who your nominees are!

    3. Oh, and Mark, I was thinking more of sending over a carrier pigeon with any further messages, but your ouija board idea has merit. ;-)

  7. 'New friend', eh? You gonna try borrowing money off me?

  8. Mina!
    Thanks so much!
    I am honored to have this gift bestowed
    Hmmmm...I was pretending to be a real writer there for a second. Did not work out...
    But thanks!
    I better get to the writing part of this award!
    You rock.

    1. You ARE a real writer, of some terrifically cool stuff! When I first found your blog, I was compulsively drawn to it. *Compulsively*, I tell you! And I really can't wait till your book comes out in paperback - if I had an eReader I'd have read it a dozen times by now!

  9. Watched a funny episode of 'South Park', where Butters joins a 'vampire' group that are taking over the school, much to the irritation of the goth (or are they emo? I forget, as they all look the same to me ;) ) kids. But typical of Butters, he thinks he actually does need blood to survive, and who does he choose to bite? Cartman. That series can be soon funny sometimes, but my love at the moment is, 'The Big Bang Theory'... Sheldon is epic :)

    1. *grrr... iPad, you are such an arse with your predictive text! I swear it's taking the piss out of me! "that series can be SOOO funny..." Predict that, you arse-munch!*

      Sorry, Mina, this gizmo and I are in an obvious power struggle, and I'll be damned if I'm going to be thwarted by some electronic fruit!

  10. 1. Poor Butters! I adore him and my heart aches for the horrors the world (his parents!!!) visit upon him!

    2. Sheldon is a hero of mine.

    3. I hate when inanimate objects plot against me, which happens more often than you might expect... ;-)

    1. True sign of old age, when technology conspires against you, yet to the young, it's as simple as breathing.

  11. Congrats!!! Your blog rocks!


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