Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Spook Out!

Le freak c'est chic, y'all!

Last year I watched a different horror movie every day of October. At the time it did occur to me to blog about it (especially since I wasn't blogging all that much and I thought it'd behoove me to get back to it). But I didn't bc depression.


I'm doing the one-horror-movie-a-day thing again this October and felt inspiration nudging me a little harder so what the heck. Uh, I should say, I'm trying to do one-flick-a-day but I'm coming up a bit short (about 5 days short of flicks). I'm trying to keep re-watches to only a couple, if that many, and want to see if I can watch on platforms to which I'm already subscribed so I don't have to dish out too many monies. I may just sprinkle in some stuff from last year that I really liked. Look, you work with whatcha got, OK?

So please stand by as I hope to serve up the spooks soonishly!


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