Monday, March 3, 2014

Harried Haiku

Work's crazy this week
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen-hour
days! No time to blog.


Once a year, from the tail end of February through the first week of March, my day job hosts events that require me to work stupidly long hours. Yesterday was a fifteen-hour day, and that was only the beginning! So I'm taking a brief hiatus from blogging, this Monday and next, probably.

Meanwhile, because I love quizzes (even though I sometimes mock them), here's a link to a fun one: Personal DNA, Your True Self Revealed. My results for this quiz are on the lower left-hand corner of this page—I'm an Advocating Visionary! What are you???


  1. Wow. Day gigs can be brutal. Will be here when you get back.

  2. Those are some crazy insane hours! Get some rest, we'll be here when you return. Now I'm gonna go take that quiz!

  3. blugh - will quit moaning about my job I think ...

  4. Wow!! I can barely get through 8 hours at my job!! I'm sending you mental hugs... STAT!



  5. I took the quiz. I'm a Generous Thinker. :D
    I hope you're squeezing in some rest with those hours. Take care of yourself, Mina girl! xo

  6. Hope you're surviving! Have a happy Wednesday. :)

  7. Yikes, sorry about all those crazy hours you've been working! Sounds dreadful...

    Also, I just took that quiz you linked to, and apparently I'm a Considerate Dreamer. :)

  8. I was just wondering where you'd been!

    15 hour days?!!? That is wrong! But at least it's only once a year.

  9. It was a really rough week! Well, it's been some really rough months, actually. Am slowly catching up to folks...


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