Monday, August 12, 2013

Anti-Blogfest Gary Fest!

Let me tell you about my good friend Gary. He, too, is a blogger, an advocate of mental health care, owned by his lovely dog, Penny, and an all around great guy.

The thing is, Gary doesn't support blog hops/fests. He feels they place too much stress on participants and take the joy out of blogging, especially the mack daddy of all blogfests, the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. I can't say I blame him, as I've been participating in fewer of these events myself, for those very reasons. In any event, Gary's been quite vocal about his feelings for blogging events and so, in gentle raillery, fellow bloggers Alex, Tina, Robyn, Mark, and Morgan have created the Anti-Blogfest Gary Fest, in which participants create the titles/descriptions of three PG-13 rated blogfests which they would never, in a million years, join.

So, here are three blogfests in which I'm damned if I ever participate:


  1. oh, don't sign me up for any of these!
    great choices!

  2. Excellent, Mina. I especially like the first graphic. I never look so put together even when I try for a "put together" look, much less when I tackle housework.

    Thanks for joining this fest.

  3. Oh, the host of that last one would get the internet version of rotten fruit thrown at him/her/them for sure!

  4. Love the judgemental creature expressions one! So funny! :D

    Here are mine!

  5. @Adriana - thanks!

    @Robyn - I know, right? The very rare times I bestir myself to do any cleaning, I look a hot mess. :-)

    @Sabrina - Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Some folks casually disparage books, music, movies with very little thought, no explanation, and no respect for the work that went into creating them. Gah!

    @Liesel - :-D

  6. Ha! Mina. YOU MADE MEMES... You totally win! How clever and creative. Love your "fests."

    I think it's awesome how vocal Gary is about his love of hops... though one great thing about them is connecting with new people. So glad to meet you, Mina, and I'm stoked for your future posts. Love the dark vibe to your blog. It's really fun. :D

  7. You even made badges! Totally awesome! Thanks for helping us honor Gary today!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  8. Bingi Mina, You capture the spirit of the anti blogfest gary fest, and made it look good too.

  9. I know some a couple people who might go for that last one.
    The badges are awesome!

  10. those were great... smash the freedoms of art/design/writing... damn some people.

    The Blog-fest that make me want to say "NO"...
    Jeremy H.

    New Look, New Name and Same Stuff...

  11. @Morgan - thanks so much! And you're right; meeting folks is the best part of blogfests.

    @Tina - It's an honor to honor such a special fella. :-)

    @Ida - Thanks!

    @Alex - I do too, unfortunately. :-/ And thanks!

    @Jeremy - LOL!

    @Heather - Merci!

  12. I love that first picture. Says everything. Some things are disliked by all.

  13. Sarcastically saying, I'd dig me some back breaking housework! Not!

  14. Wow! That lady sure does like yellow. I would take on one household chore ... paint the damn kitchen a different color.

  15. Yeeep, I'm with you - would not step foot within a hundred metres of any of these blogfests. hehe.

  16. Fantastic ill-advised choices--my favorites so far! I'll never be a morning person, it's highly overrated and only good for eating bacon before noon with your coffee:) I'm hoping my border collie learns to clean the house...she's got dusting the floors down:)

  17. How classy. You actually have nifty-looking badges to go with your blogfest ideas. Doesn't help, though. I still wanted want any part of any of 'em. (Good ones!)

  18. I like your creative badges, Mina.
    Imagine a combo of the three? It would have a title such as: Superior & Creative Musings Of A Morning House Engineer... or something to that effect. *hee hee*
    A triple no-no to your batch of blogfest boo-boos!
    Writer In Transit

  19. Hi Mina,

    I recognise that dude in the photo. Three super non-choices! And this multitasking dude must take a break from his domestic duties. What is a "meme"? Help me! LOL Your third non-choice has been out there in various forms. The "ooh...look at me", bloggers would revel in that one. Fantastic badges, by the way.

    Thanks for the kind words, dear lady. I know you know that I know that you know that I mean well and you mean well, you know.

    Arrgggghhhh!!! Did I see mention of that alphabet challenge...oh no!!! The irony just gets better.

    Gary :)

    1. I totally know that you know that I know what you mean, Gary. You know? ;-)

  20. Thanks for visiting, all! Let's hope none of these awful fests come to pass! :-)

  21. Very funny, loved all the badges but the last one, outstanding, great blog post. I actually found you via the A TO Z!!!! Glad I did.;)


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