Saturday, June 22, 2013

The B-52s & The Go-Go's (A Mostly Crappy Pictorial)

Gawd, I hate putting that superfluous apostrophe in that second band's name. Blerch.

My Dear Friend Nikki and I smile for her infinitely superior phone camera.
Little did we know that within a half hour of the Go-Go's starting we'd
narrowly avoid a brawl with the drunken dudes dangerously
swaying into us. Tossers. We think Security may have escorted them
the hell out of Roseland Ballroom later. At least, we hope.

Jane Wiedlin, rhythm guitarist for The Go-Go's (damn that apostrophe!),
being all adorbz in her Star Trek science officer uniform. Unfortunately,
I couldn't get even minimally decent pics of the rest of the gals.
Too, our enjoyment of the 1st half of the concert was greatly
diminished by the aforementioned altercation, as well as our mutual
realization that we didn't actually know a lot of their music!

We were in better spirits after a break and when The B-52s finally took the stage.
Poor Cindy Wilson was still getting over some illness which rendered
singing tricky and her voice periodically cut out, which was a shame.
But Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson more than made up for it, with
Fred cracking lines in between tunes like, "...when we weren't busy inventing
New Wave..." and "'s one of our world-famous ballads!" and Kate
swingin' her arms & flashing her pearlies with true aerobic instructor
enthusiasm. Lah-lah-LOVED their set. They opened with Planet Claire and
the hits just kept on coming. They wrapped up with Wig and Love Shack,
during which Nikki and I had to bugger off, so as to get our 11:40 train back
into the 'burbs. Alas. Responsible adulthood sux.

My only complaint about The B-52s is that they didn't play Summer of Love which, with the first day of summer coming up, wouldn't have been amiss. Or, which would have been even more fun, one of Fred's solo efforts, as uploaded by some lovely fan on the Youtubes. (Not I, so you can't blame me.) (OK, I am posting it here, so you can blame me for that, if you must.)


  1. Awesome. I wanted to see the concert in Cincinnati, but I couldn't talk anyone into going with me. They were offering very expensive tickets where you could meet the bands - totally worth it, maybe, probably not.

    I think Go-Go's need the apostrophe. Gos doesn't seem right. I like the apostrophe. Unless it's GO-GOs. Then it's better without.

    1. Yeah, meeting the band would've been great! At this point in my life, I'm beginning to look for tickets that'll get me a damned seat during the show! :-)

  2. I'm certainly glad you had a great time, apart from the brawling dudes. :-) Looks like a great concert overall!!!

    1. I'm trying to make up for all the years when I was a teen that I couldn't go to ANYTHING. Pity, really; my teen knees were doubtlessly better able to withstand all the standing and whatnot. :-)

  3. Love shack, La la love shack, ...wish I coulda been there :)

  4. One of my friends is going to see them at the Melody Tent in Hyannis this weekend! Did the B52s do 'Roam'? That's my fave ever by them. That and 'Love Shack' remind me of my first year in San Francisco.

    1. I think they did. Roam's one of my fave's, too, though I get a sort of heart-achy feeling when I hear it. But, like, in a good way. I guess. :-)

  5. The B52s rocked the 80s. It's always fun to see classic bands.

    1. Especially since I didn't get to see them the first time around in the actual 80s! :-)

  6. Awesome!
    I saw the B52s in NYC on Earth Day a million years ago. They were awesome and energetic!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. OMG! Love B52s!! I bet you had a fantastic time!!!!



  8. And I was there! Had fun with you love. Ur the absolute best! Thanks so much!


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