Monday, March 11, 2013

Liebe me, liebe me...

...say that you liebe me like Penelope Crowe, author of 100 Unfortunate Days does. Thanks, Ms. Crowe, for passing this Liebster on to me. Readers, if you're in the mood for something dark and quirky, check out a free sample of 100 Unfortunate Days; if this doesn't wig you out, I don't know what will, fo' shizzle.

There are numerous steps involved in the acceptance of a Liebster: stating 11 things about yourself, answering 11 questions asked by the person granting you the award, nominating 11 other bloggers for a Liebster and concocting 11 questions for them to answer. Well, if you've been following along this week, you know I worked crazy hours at my day job and am pretty dang beat. Also, I've received this bad boy a few times, now, and the third one (I think) very recently indeed. So I'll tackle the 11 questions asked of me but won't be tagging peeps or making up questions for them, this time around. Anyone interested in claiming this Liebster/answering these questions (even if only in the comments), please feel free to do so.

And now, to Ms. Crowe's questions:

1. What projects have you just finished--and what are you working on now?
I've been editing my Greek mythological romance, That Fatal Kiss, with an eye to self-publishing it later this year, possibly September. After that, I plan to work on a "sampler" of three short supernatural romances, two of which sort of introduce the location of, and a couple of characters from, my next novel, a contemporary supernatural romance called Bedeviled (this will be the first book in a trilogy).

2. Do you have any hidden talents?
Nah, but I got a couple of shekels in my piggy bank. (See what I did there? Talents/shekels were/are units of monetary currency. Didja geddit? Didja, didja, huh, huh???)

3. If you had NO limitations and were a guaranteed success--what project would you undertake?
I'd produce/direct a mini-series of my fave Jane Austen novel, Northanger Abbey. And I wouldn't just hire the eye candy du jour to play the leads, but folks I truly felt bring the roles to life (as Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth did for Pride and Prejudice).

4. Please tell us three things on your bucket list.
Uh...well, I'd love to visit Jerusalem and walk where Jesus walked. Hmmm...This is tough. All my crazy dreams are goals I intend to see through to fruition...maybe I don't get the point of bucket lists...

5. What is the best and worst part of writing?
The best: like sex, it engrosses and revs me up. (Woof!) The worst: like sex, I never want to stop doing it but reality will intrude, damn it...

6. What character in a book or movie do you relate to the most?
Little Red Riding Hood. I've lived a very sheltered life and fell prey to wolves before learning some very difficult and painful lessons.

7. Are you more athletic or aesthetic?

8. Do you believe in anything supernatural? If so, what.
I believe that everything's possible (ghosts, werewolves, vampires, sea creatures, legit wicked witches, etc.). The only supernatural beings I feel in my heart and soul to be real are God, His Holy Posse, plus the Devil and his cursed crew.

9. What makes you happy?
Singing my songs with like-music-minded band members backing me up, sex, writing, sex, reading, sex, chocolate, sex, live open-air concerts by my fave bands, sex, realio-trulio good coffee (light, with half and half), sex, losing myself in a theater to portrayals of humorous horror, sex...I did mention sex, right? I'd hate to leave it out, inadvertently.

10. If you could be smarter or better looking--which would you choose and why?
Hmmm! Actually, I'd choose to be brasher, less self-restrictive/censoring.

11.  Whom do you admire the most and how does this person inspire you?
Just generally, I admire people who feel particular passions burning inside their hearts and actively seek to release that fire into the world, despite the doubting voices (both internal and external).

So, yeah, if any of you are inclined to answer these questions, either on your own blog or here in the comments, I'd love to read whatcha gots to say. Meanwhile...


  1. Are we a little horny, Miss Mina? lol Congrats on the award!!!

  2. You'd choose to be more brash, ha! That sounds brave, and fresh. Your various projects sound cool. I just wrote a novella (63 pp) with a mind's eye to expand out to a trilogy myself. It's a nice break from penning a long novel.

    1. Thanks, Catherine. Yes, I've enjoyed the challenge of writing tight, short stories, for a change. :-)

  3. I still haven't read NORTHANGER ABBEY, but I have an Austen collection so it's ready to go. I'm currently reading MANSFIELD PARK (I think for the first time) and am nearly done. I LOVE the Firth/Ehle version of P&P, probably my fave period piece ever. Though I do absolutely adore NORTH & SOUTH (industrial age, Gaskill) with Richard Armitage. OMG, it is so heart-fluttery and not in a "heart problem" sort of way. :)

    I want to self-publish too, but I always feel so far away from it. I think I should probably start with a novella or maybe a small bunch of short-ish stories. Feels more manageable than getting ANY of my novels ready anytime soon.

    1. Armitage's a real hottie. Ever see him in the Vicar of Dibley? ADORBZ and super-romantical. Made me go all swoony.

      I'll tell you what; the writing of a novella or short stories may take less time/work than a novel BUT I reckon all the steps involved in the self-pubbing part are just as intense...

  4. Ah!! So glad you did this!
    I am really looking forward to reading your upcoming novel--anybody that can post something on their blog that can actually scare me has my interest. (Yeesh that one vamp face...)
    And ya know--I might just choose a bit more brash myself.
    Little Red huh...interesting. Glad I got to know you more :)

    1. Thanks, Pen. I'm looking forward to getting THAT FATAL KISS out into the world!

  5. No hidden talents. Ha!

    And since you didn't finish #4, here are three things from my bucket list: a red plastic bucket, a wooden bucket, and Charlie Bucket.

    Best of luck as you move toward self-publication. And with your move toward brashness.

    1. Thanks for explaining the bucket list business. I've an aluminum pail with a hole in it, but dear Liza won't lift a damned finger to help me fix it. Lazy tart.

      Thanks for your good wishes and right back atcha!

    2. No, but I bet she has a whole slew of suggestions as to how you can do it on your own. Thinks she knows everything. Whereas duct tape should fix both the bucket and that good-for-nothing Liza once and for all.

    3. Good old duct tape - always there when you need it.

  6. I so hear you the P&P Firth/Ehle combo. I was obsessed with it a few years ago, bought the series on DVD and then moved to the states and it won't sodding play out here of course! Hmmm doesn't that scene at the lake make you feel a bit sexy ... ??

    1. Only a little. I had to stop feeling sexy about Firth once he got married. :-)

  7. WHOOOT!!! to number three!!

    I checked out your excerpt for Fatal Kiss and adored it.

    And I loved your answer to number number six.

    I hear you on the internal nay saying. I too wish I could be more bold.

    Thanks for the quick peek of Goth Mom Lite. =D


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