Tuesday, February 19, 2013

She Said What?! Blog Hop

Today's post is for the She Said What?! blog hop hosted by Elise Fallson and Michelle Wallace to celebrate their blogiversaries. Happy, happy, Elise and Michelle! Click here or there to check out the other participants' entries.

What we gots ta do: The gals came up with some comic strips which we participants are supposed to caption. Michelle threw in a list of bonus words we're to incorporate into the captions: twist; cheek; buzz; honor; grey; champagne; tango; vomit. (I'm especially excited about that last one.)

So, like, here I go...

Panel 1

Elise: Wait, Michelle, don't go to the mall without me! I wanna pick up that Lancôme gift with purchase too!

Michelle: Well, twist my tail around your wrist and haul yourself up, woman! Beauty sales wait for no one!

Panel 2

M: I said your wrist, not your ankle. Now your skirt's gonna flap down, showing the world a set of cheeks it never expected to see...

E: How about you put the Fallson in the basket before I'm wearing vomit in my hair? Green is sure to clash with the makeup I plan to buy...

Panel 3

Hero Type Guy: Oooh, did somebody say makeup? Can I come with???

Panel 4


Hero Type Guy: At my funeral, let the people sing many choruses of Bonnie Tyler's "I Need A Hero" in my honor!

Panel 5

M: Buzz off, Hero Type Guy! Now we're gonna be late for the sale!

Panel 6

E: Well, the balloon's trashed. How'm I gonna get that bottle of "Grey Decay" nail polish I luuurve so much?

M: And how will I pick up that "Champagne Tango" face powder?

Panel 7

Dragon Type Thing: Hey, I haven't been to the mall in ages! How about I give you gals a ride?

M: Fine. If you're a good little dragon-type-thing and get us there before the mall closes, I'll even buy you some lipstick. (Looks around.) Hey, what happened to my tail?!


  1. Hahaha, those couple of cheeks caption got a thunderous laughter from me. Very well done, Mina!

    1. Thanks, Al! Now I'm going to check out everyone else's captions. :-)

  2. OMG that was too funny Mina! I laughed my cheeks off. xD
    Good going with the bonus words too. Thanks Goth Chica for
    participating. :D

  3. That's so funny! You have a gift for captioning.

  4. Awesome Mina! Who doesn't take a hot air balloon to the mall for cosmetics?

  5. you can add "thingy freak" to your bio now ;) lmfao

  6. Mina, thumbs-up to your fashionista angle.
    I like your "cheeky" caption too! he!he!
    Thanks for participating in the bloghop.
    (P.S. I luuuurve my red lipstick)

  7. lol love it! And hey do they make champagne tango shade??? Need that!

  8. Love the ultra camp hero! Great job!

  9. You can never have enough makeup especially when it's on sale. LOL!

  10. Thanks so much, everybody, especially Elise and Michelle for hosting the hop.

    @PK - Dunno if they do, but they really should (and I should get a 5% cut of the profits). :-)


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