Sunday, June 17, 2012

Three Awards, One Post!

Over the past coupla weeks three groovy gals tossed awards in my general direction and I'm only now getting to working on them. *Tsk*

The "One Lovely Blog Award" comes to me from Elise Fallson. Merci bien, Elise!

The Rules for this award:
1. Name, thank, and link back to the blogger
2. List seven facts about yourself
3. Pass the award to 15 other bloggers and leave them comments on their blogs to alert them (I'll do this at the end of this post.)

Here are 7 facts about me:
1. Though I was born and raised in NY, because my parents spoke their native Portuguese at home, I had to take ESL during the first few years of elementary school.
2. No matter how much hot coffee I drink, I never quite wake up till I've taken a steamy shower.
3. I read tarot cards from the age of 16 till I was about 32.
4. I also started smoking at the age of 16 but haven't managed to want to quit those just yet.
5. I break for vampires. (Woof!)
6. For some bizarre reason, I count steps as I climb them. This may have started when my Kid was young, but I can't be sure it's not 'cause I'm just insane.
7. Speaking of vampires and counting, I just adore the song Eight Beautiful Notes, as sung by Count von Count from Sesame Street. It's a hell of a lot of fun to sing, and an excellent example of an ascending and descending harmonic minor scale (my FAVE!).

OK, award #2 is the "Fabulous Blog Ribbon" bestowed upon me by L.G. Keltner of Writing Off the Edge. Thanks, L.G.!

Here are the rules:
1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Name five of your most fabulous moments, either in real life or in the blogosphere.
3. Name five things you love.
4. Name five things you hate.
5. Pass the Ribbon on to five other bloggers. (Leave them a comment to notify them of this.)

Five of my most fabulous moments:
1. Winning a poetry contest in fifth grade.
2. Learning that my English teacher (from both 9th & 12th grades) has used my work as an example of good writing in her classes (I heard this from two of my cousins who attended the same high school, maybe five or more years apart from one another). That blew me away.
3. Winning the role of the Narrator in my first college's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
4. Seeing this blog go live and folks stopping by to read it.
5. Every time I buy a drink and get asked for ID. :-D

Five Things I Love:
1. My family
2. The talents God gave me
3. Reading
4. The Atlantic Ocean
5. Mojitos

Five Things I Hate:
1. When people crack jokes at others' expenses.
2. When folks condemn, rather than critique intelligently. (For example, "That sucked." -vs- "I thought the plot weak and I couldn't connect with the main character's motivation.")
3. Waxing. (Sorry, fellas; it's a fact, Jack, and I ain't takin' it back.)
4. Cleaning.
5. Most reality TV.

And the "Liebster Blog Award" is the 3rd and last for today's post, given me by Andrea Teagan of The Enchanted Writer. Thanks, Andrea!

The rules are:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs of 200 followers or fewer.
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

So, here are all of my nominees, who fulfill the criteria for all three awards above and are welcome to claim them all, if they choose:

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Dina Thanki
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Right, so - the hour grows late and all the informing will have to wait till 'morrow. Goodnight, Blogosphere. OXOXO


  1. Wow, that's a lot of info in one blog post. I feel like I know you now! I've been given one of those awards, too, and haven't gotten around to posting about it...

    I love dark writing and am always thrilled to find another who does, too. The more of those, the better. :-)

    1. True, Lexa - I did rather let it all build up, didn't I? :-) Just checked out your blog - how fascinating that you've lived in Egypt for so long! I will be going back soon to find out how that happened!

  2. Great answers! It's so much fun getting to know fellow bloggers/writers a little better. I think it's wonderful you have a Portuguese background! Does your son speak Portuguese? And thanks for putting up the Count clip, my kids love it. (: Also, vampires rule! (:

    1. The Kid doesn't speak more than a handful of words in Portuguese, but he understands quite a bit. He also took Spanish for a few years in middle school and high school, which help. And he's the reason I knew about the Count's awesome song, too. :-)

  3. Thanks so much for the nomination, my fellow vamp fan friend! :)

    1. My pleasure, Holly - thanks for posting those pics of the zombie tarot! I heart them! :-)

  4. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!!

    First I play, then I sing, but counting is my favorite thing!


    Ok, that is going to be in my head FOREVER.

    I think The Count was the first vampire I ever loved. Lol.


  5. Congrats on all your awards! That's so cool that you were used as a positive writing example! And the Portugese!

  6. First off, grats on your awards,, Mina, thank you so much for listing my blog above! ROCK!!! Love, love your blog so it is freaking awesome to see mine noted above.

    (I too love Mojitos, and I totally count stairs as I climb them. Sometimes even footsteps, lol).

    Wishing you a day made of win!

    1. Your blog is so pretty, and I get a kick out of your writing style! :-) And thanks to you (and Holly) for saving me the trouble of notifying you of your nominations!

  7. Congratulations on all your awards! And thanks for sharing in the wealth and naming me!

    I do the counting thing, too. With lots of things.
    My grandma read tarot cards, too, up until she passed away in January. She'd call me with my "reading" every so often. She was a cool g-ma! <3

    Thanks again for the award and for your rockin' blog!!!

  8. Congratulations on getting three awards. I know people that count steps. With every step I take, a song sings in my head - I find that I slow down or speed up walking depending on the song. Pretty sure I did that as a kid too. Thank you for the award. :)

  9. Congrats on all your awards - this was a fun read :)

  10. Thanks for the nom! I'll have to figure out which one I will do.

    Congrats to you for receiving all three!

    I, too, am a stair counter... though I don't know when it started or why.

  11. Hi there, your writing is beautiful and I enjoyed learning a thing or two about you!
    Lisa Weinstein

  12. Congratulations on your well deserved awards! :D My dad was Portuguese and from South America, but due to British Guiana being a territory of England at the time, he grew up speaking the King's English and not Portuguese.

  13. Too much information brain overload. :) My only response is I also don't like reality TV. And people used to think shows like the Love Boat were rotting out brains.

  14. Congrats on the awards! Much deserved. :) This was fun to read.

  15. Thanks for stopping by and all your kind words, everybody! And thanks for making me feel better about my stair counting - I thought it was a unique category of OCD that was enjoyed only by me. :-)

    @Jackie - what a super cool grandmom!
    @JoJo - That's so groovy, that you're part Portuguese too - W00T!

  16. Thanks for nominating me Mina!

  17. Thank you so much Mina for the awards, I think it's award season for me at the mo and I'm so please I've received this from you, thank you :)

  18. Thank you so much for the awards, Mina! I have gotten a few lately and I just haven't been keeping up with them, but it is awesome to be appreciated and mentioned.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  19. You're both very welcome, Dina and Allison!


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