Who's this chick?

According to this gal.
Who gives a crap, #amirite?

I started this blog back in 2011 in order to build my "author platform." An indie author I once knew scoffed at this idea, told me my books would be my platform. That did strike me as being a valid point, considering what draws me to writers is what they write, not their websites, ffs. But everything I read about attaining success as a self-published novelist screamed at me that I needed to create some kind of online presence, so I did that.

Big friggin whoop.

That indie author was right. You've got to put in the time to achieve the sublime. And I did do that, self-publishing my debut novel That Fatal Kiss in September 2013. It enjoyed some extremely modest sales. Then in maybe 2018 or '19 I realized I was unhappy with it and took it off the market, thinking I might tweak and re-publish it, someday.

Someday hasn't come. Yet.

Meanwhile, I have ideas for other stories, in various stages of completion. None actually complete, mind you, but they're in stages, so that's something...?

Anyway, I still kinda dig this blog and hope I'll continue to post my very own charming brand of nonsense, now and again.

If you've made it this far, thank you for your interest. If you wanted to buy a copy of That Fatal Kiss because you saw it on Goodreads but can't find it available for purchase, I'm sorry to have disappointed you--I should probably remove it from the site but I just can't bear to. I haven't been feeling altogether myself for a long while. I hope to get better. Till then, God bless you.

~ Mina, aka GothMom(Lite)
April 8, 2024

*    *    *

November 2011

If only I knew. J/K—of course I know who I am. I followed this guy's advice and, like, defined myself (and here I thought I defied description). He tells you to write a sentence about who you are so, of course, I had to not do that and wrote a list instead. In my mind*, I'm:


*I qualify that this is all in my mind because it most likely is.

Anyway, I like to think I'm all those things and, who knows, maybe when I grow up, I will be. In the meantime, I strive to just be which is, I reckon, what we all try to do. (That is, we all strive be our best selves, you don't all strive to be me. 'Cause that'd be weird.) (And sad.) (But mostly weird.)

Also; you should know right off the bat that I adore speaking in parentheticals and make way too free with ellipses. Hey, we all have our vices.

Right. So...

I've rediscovered my inner Morticia
since my Kid buggered off to college.
Mina Lobo is my alter ego, the part of me who hasn't been completely crushed by life's vicissitudes and still hopes to make her dreams of being a published author* and rocking the world with her tuneage come true.

*I wasn't having any luck engaging the interests of literary agents or publishers, so I decided to produce my work independently of a company. I hired the services of some hoopy froods who really know where their towels are to help me put together the best debut novel in my power and lo, That Fatal Kiss was born. (Hatched.) (Baked?) Er...

I'm also known as "Sephonae" around the Interwebs and may sometimes blog things here that I've posted elsewhere under this name (because I'm lazy). My sentiments (and pictures) are all me; I'm just obsessively protective of my privacy* (read: I can't yet afford to lose my day job).

*You may wonder why, if I'm so paranoid, I post pictures of myself.  Though you may not wonder, if you already know how vain I am.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah: if you want to know a bit more about me (hah!), check out my very first blog post.

My Kid was still in high school
when I started blogging.
What's the point of this blog?

I've come to live a fairly reclusive life. Outside of my day job, that is, and possibly because of it. That's not exactly helpful to a gal with aspirations like mine. I had to get myself "out there," into the world, somehow, to let folks know I've got stuff I wanna say to them. I write, I've sung, I hope to sing again. So I'm blogging to build my "platform" and connect with folks from the safety* of my laptop.

*For their safety, as much as my own.