Monday, January 7, 2013

Blogging Goals/New Topics for 2013

Back in October of 2012, I had an e-mail exchange with blogging buddy Wayne Assiratti of Random Stream of Consciousness in which I sniveled:

"...most of the stuff I write is romance, and...I hesitate to say it, but I'm seriously thinking of redirecting my blog—that is to say, I'll still post stuff non-romancey, but I feel like, to properly build a romance writer's platform, I have to gear more posts in that direction..."

To which he very sensibly replied:

"...I don't think you need to change the direction of your blog at all. Just post more of your stuff that is romance leaning...and see what the response is..."

See, I was having a blogger's identity crisis. I started blogging to build an author platform and get my name out into the world, attract online attention, so that, should any of my writing magically get into print, I'd have a ready-made audience who'd buy it, read it, and spread the word about it. I worried that I'd spent too much blogging time writing all sorts of nonsense, completely unrelated to romance novels, and should perhaps just focus on one major theme to identify myself as a romance writer. But, you know, I think Wayne made a good point; all of that nonsense is part of who I am. What I needed to do is show more of "romance-novelist me."

So I went back to my "Who's This Chick?" page, as well as the first blog post I'd ever put up, and scribbled a sort of profile of who I am and what I want to convey about myself in this blog. I equated to these things the corresponding blog topics, some of which were already extant, some I came up with as I worked. Here's how it turned out (new stuff in italics, acronyms included for easy reference):

What I'm About/Into Corresponding Blog Topics
I'm a writer Writerly Things
I heart music Tuneage
Dark romance
(in books, TV, movies, etc.)
Dark Romance
My PITA* kid The Kid
Things goth/gothic
(music, literature, etc.)
Oh My Goth!
Blogging/Reading Blogs Bloggy-Blogging Tips/
Blog Props
People/things that turn me on W00F!
The science/biology of love What About Luuurve? (WAL?)
Whatever, I'll blog what I want
(don't fence me in y'all)
I plan to independently publish this
year and don't know what
the hell I'm doing! HELP!
Indie Author SOS! (IASOS!)
Things I dig Sparks
Things I don't Snarks

Categorizing stuff like this helps me plot/write/publish my posts in a regular way and, in 2013, I'm determined to make a blogging/writing/living schedule and STICK to it! God willing, this'll help.

Bloggers, I know a bunch of y'all have posted on your blog goals for the new year. If you've got something you're particularly proud of, please share it in the comments below. And if you've not blogged about new goals (and don't plan to), do you have any ideas you're hoping to implement in 2013? Nosy folks like me Inquiring minds want to know! :-)


  1. Love the chart.

    I also plan to publish independently this year and have no idea what I'm doing. When I blogged about my cluelessness, someone suggested Indie ReCon, an online conference geared toward Indie authors. It looks like it has a lot of great info so maybe it could help you out?

  2. I like the chart - that's exactly how I'd approach it if my blog were more structured. I'd also make the schedule you mentioned if I had specific objectives. But my blog is best defined as "musings" that I'd like to hear other people's thoughts about. I don't have a goal other than making genuine connections with interesting people.

  3. What about poor old me, who writes in all sorts of different genres? :P I think that's why I need to be an indie author, 'cause that's the only way I'd ever get all my genres out into the ether.

  4. p.s. your chart is awesome! use it!

  5. Dig the chart! My blog is all over the place but that's part of who I am. Every time I try to make a set schedule, it falls to pieces within days. My life is just too crazy for me right now. As for goals, I haven't posted any because they are TOP SECRET. Psych! actually, I just need to get around to it, or at the very least write them down. But I have a clear idea in my head of what I want to accomplish this year....organize a bloghop, finish my wip, start querying for said wip, start and finish a new project by end of year.... part of me doesn't want to plan big though, afraid of setting myself up for disappointment, maybe that's why I haven't actually written them down yet....

  6. Love the chart as well! I can't wait to see what you bring this year. I have goals, small goals. As far as blogging I blog when I want to. I have too many kids, and too many daily activities to have an actual blogging plan. My only "planned" day is Monday and I do a Meme. As far as writing... it happens when the high schooler and middle schooler isn't begging me to transport them around or when the elementary kid isn't asking me to help with homework, or when the 3 yr old is hungry, needs to be taken to the bathroom, or throwing a tantrum.
    I loved the "I plan to independently publish this year and don't know what
    the hell I'm doing! HELP!" Having an agent is ideal but I plan on trying to go the Indie route someday. And like you... I have no idea what the hell to do either so I'll be looking forward to those posts!!! Good luck in your goals!!

  7. I don't really have blogging goals....just whatever strikes my fancy. I can't stick to new years resolutions so I try not to get too overzealous on what direction my blog takes. I just it's just a mish mash of topics!

  8. I have realized I am letting the Force guide me in regards of what I post in my blog. I don't have a map. I'll try to make one.

  9. I like the chart idea too. I probably need more focus for my posts. I want to keep blogging secondary this year - I think I did too much of it and not enough fiction writing last year.

  10. I think a lot of bloggers have a blogging identity crisis. I was enthusiastic when it started, abandoned it for about six months as it went nowhere fast, then there was another surge of enthusiasm as it started to pick up. I often think it should be more focused, like maybe to help Brits stay sane in America, but I don't think I'd be a great champion of that, so it can be just a stream of consciousness thingy :)

  11. Thanks for all the chart love, y'all!

    @MJ - Thanks so much for that URL! Hope to check it out soon.

    @Azara - that's a fine goal for blogging and, I must say, one of the best things about blogging for me, as well.

    @Trisha - I find this pigeonholing business very limiting/frustrating as well. Gah!

    @Elise - I can totally relate to not wanting to "plan big." I've had this particular blog post simmering on the backburner of my mind and felt sort of "afraid" to write it...maybe because writing it made it "real." It's pretty wild, how our minds can mess us up, ain't it? ;-)

    @Dani - Thanks! I spent a lot of time working on queries to agents and would've liked to have an expert supporting me in my publishing endeavors. However, I find the idea of having a complete say in everything, like the book cover, for example, very empowering. I expect to make mistakes with my first indie book, though I'll work hard to make it as perfect as I can. I think back to when I started blogging and am amazed at how much I've learned, and how empowering it feels to go through this learning process. I have faith that I can get through this indie business ok.

    @JoJo - you're actually a prolific blogger, as well as a master crafter, so you always seem to have inspiration (and gorgeous pics to post) on a regular basis! :-)

    @Al - If you've got The Force backing you up, I reckon you don't need a map! ;-)

    @Tonja - I'm in the same boat. I just want to find a middle ground, you know? I'll let you know if I ever get there.

    @David - "Brits Staying Sane in America," sounds like a fun periodic blog topic!

  12. My blog is a platform on which I purge my thoughts, ideas, piss-offed-ness, and utter annoyance with my children and or husband. I don't think you can structure that.

    In fact, I think my blog is the only unstructured, free place I have in my life. And I like it that way. So, no goals for me... although I do like your chart...


  13. I, too, have thought of the indie route, especially when trying to write that wretched query and synopsis. ugh. I'm not entirely sure which route is best for me, but I'll figure it out eventually.
    Oh, and I dig your chart. :)

  14. Hey, what a great chart you have there! I relate to many of the things on it: dark romance, critters, music, the love and care of sons (I have two), and goth horror/romance.
    I do have some writerly pledges for the new year. Just posted them on my blog. One of them is to write with heart and soul fully engaged.
    Catherine Stine’s Idea City

  15. I swear I didn't peg you for a romance writer... I know it's in the name of your blog. I just pictured you more into the gothic side, kinda like Poe. You know, romantic as a literary style, not a literary genre. Anyway, I can't wait to learn more about that side of you!

    Best of luck this 2013!

  16. @Juli - Your blog is a fine and fun platform for all of the structured angst! And thanks for the compliment. :-)

    @Jackie - Knowing the right time to try another path is tricky, but only we can know what's right for us at any given time. It feels like the right time for me. Good luck to us both on our journeys. :-)

    @Catherine - I'll check out your post!

    @Gina - LOL, well, you're right about the gothic feel, and I DO heart me some Poe, for sure. I get what you mean...I think my writing fits both the romantic style and genre (at least, that's what I strive for). If you check back on Wednesday, you can see a bit of that gothic feel in an excerpt I'm posting. :-) And best wishes for you in 2013 as well!

  17. HI Mina!

    I love your table. Sparks & Snarks is quite clever. ;)

    I think what works best for writer/bloggers, is showing not necessarily our work, but our personality. As long as your posts reflect that, you'll be fine.

  18. Thanks for the shout out Mina. You seem to have organised yourself very well, so just get on the writing bus! I'll reiterate what I said to you in the emails last year too.. You have a very beautiful, and individual writing voice and the number of followers and comments on your blog are a testament to that. Don't go changing...

  19. No matter what your intention, blogs tend to take on a life of their own. That has been my experience.

  20. @PK - Thanks! I agree with the showing of personality being important for bloggers (for authors, it's an opportunity to show their "voices," yeah?).

    @Wayne - ::blushes:: Grazie tanto, Signore Wayne! :-D

    @Romance Book Paradise (possibly the place to which I someday wish to retire) - Yes, agreed! I had a fuzzy vision of what I wanted it to be when I started; it's matured a lot since then! :-)


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