Monday, October 15, 2012

My Last Love Letter

Photograph courtesy of me, as well.
My Last Love Letter 
by me

Heated thoughts fill my horizon.
In the dark of night,
I cannot sleep for how they roar.

Thoughts of touch,
warm embracing;
fevered flesh
and pulses racing;
sharing breaths
with tongues’ soft lacing—
friendship yearns for something more.

Such notions strike me, unrelenting,
that I scarce know what to do.
For heated thoughts fill my horizon,
and all of these are thoughts of you.


  1. Love the poem! great work ;) look forward to hearing about its inspiration.

  2. You're gonna make us wait A WEEK to tell us the inspiration?

  3. @Trisha - Thanks!

    @JoJo - Ain't I a stinker? ;-)

  4. Beautifully done Mina. I love poetry, just wish I wasn't so bad at it. Can't wait until next week!

  5. Yes, Mina you are a stinker lol! I'll be tuning in next week to find out the story behind this poem...which was cool by the way. :)

  6. Beautiful poem! Wild and frenetic. Sorry I've been away so long. I'm just getting back to blogging after my enforced hiatus. Hope all is good. :)

  7. How beautiful and touching, Mina! I love it! I need to come by more often because you always have great stuff here...

    I've been tagged you (:S) to play The Next Big Thing game. In my blog are the questions you have to answer about your most recent WIP. Can't wait to know more!

  8. @Jackie - thanks! OMG, did you DROOL over AL on American Horror Story this week, or WHAT???

    @Elise - well, I'm not any good at it and that doesn't stop me. ;-)

    @Tracy - I know; I am eeeeeeevil and wiiiiiiicked!

    @Melissa - thanks, Lady! I've been outta touch too, sorta. Hope all is well with ye, too!

    @Gina - thanks, for the compliments and the tag! I'll catch up someday, I swear! :-)


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