Monday, May 14, 2012

Kreativ, with a K!

I done been presented with the Kreativ Blogger award! Thanks go to Tracy Makara over at Pull Up a Toadstool for the honor.

The rules of this award are:

1. In a new blog post, thank and link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.

2. In the same post, pass the award on to six other bloggers.

3. Same post, list 10 things folks may not know about you.

So #1's done, and for #2 I've narrowed down my list to the following folks I've "met" through the Blogging From A to Z April 2012 Challenge:
David Macaulay ~ Brits in the USA
" irreverent take on all the many things in America that just aren't cricket..."

Jack Edwards ~ Poetry and Other Writing
This dude writes poems like a boss.

Theresa Milstein ~ Theresa's Tales of Teaching Tribulations and Typing Teen Texts
Writer of YA and middle-grade fiction whose A to Z posts were a fun trip through 80s bands.

Drazen Kozjan ~ Hypnotik Eye
Dig this guy's illustrations of whimsy and horror (and whimsical horror)!

VictorianKitty ~ Sophistique Noir, Dark Fashion for the Mature
I forget how I came across this Goth Fashionista's groovy blog; it wasn't through A to Z, but I'm danged glad I found it!

Absconditus Creations (aka Nikki) ~ Art of a Hidden Heart
Another creator of kooky art that I heart!
(And I'll just give a shout-out to another new A to Z pal, JoJo at Tahoma Beadworks & Photography, who's in Cape Cod and posts scads of gorgeous pics that make me green with envy!)

Now for ten things folks may not know about me:
  1. You know how, in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Toula had to go to "Greek School?" I had to do the Portuguese version of that, all through my third-grade year. (At least; I may have done it through fourth grade, too, but I think my psyche's repressed the memories...)
  2. I was so sheltered by my mom when I was growing up that I didn't have my first kiss till I was about 19.
  3. In spite of the above (or, perhaps, because of it), all through high school I used to write smutty scenarios involving me and my crush du jour and then passed them around to my friends, for comments.
  4. At college, I majored in (among other things) audio engineering, for two years.
  5. I attended my first rock concert at the age of 28 – Duran Duran at Jones Beach, Long Island, NY.
  6. My list of phobias includes, but is not limited to: heights, bridges, traveling over large bodies of water, being underground (like when I ride the subways), being surrounded by throngs of people, and flying.
  7. Despite my mild case of aquaphobia, one of my dreams is to own a beach house like Diane Keaton’s in Something’s Gotta Give (‘cause I love looking at the ocean and hearing the sea breezes rushing past my ears, though the thought of sailing or flying over the middle of the Atlantic makes my stomach hurt).
  8. I have a romanticized attachment to the year 1987, maybe because I was a senior in high school that fall and began tasting the first few hints of the freedom of adulthood. Whatever the case, many of the movies and tunes of that year are very special to me, so much so that I’ve set one of my works-in-progress in the fall of that year.
  9. Generally, poetry doesn’t turn me on, though song lyrics do. Go figure.
  10. Having said that, the work of Pablo Neruda makes me go, “Woof!”


  1. Aw thanks so much for the award Mina - sorry I just saw it so would have replied sooner...

    1. No worries; I probably should've let folks know but there don't seem to be enough hours in the day to do all that I'd like! :-)

    2. I will eventually do this linky back post thing - I have been a lag arse - sorry. :) just to let ya know I haven't forgotten.

    3. Again, no worries, friend. Good things come to those who wait. ;-)

    4. yay for good things - the dark deed is done (took bloody ages) thanked you profusely, of course.

  2. Hi Mina, seems like we have the sheltered thing in common well as the smutty scenarios, even though we hadn't a clue what we were talking about lol! Great list. :)

    1. What I lacked in practical experience I made up for with imagination! ;-)

  3. I loved learning more about you! My mom sheltered me too, but I fought against it every chance I could, including fleeing 3000 miles to the west coast to live. lol My romanticized year is 1975!

    1. Good for you! I was too wimpy to take such a brave step...

  4. Congrats you crazy Goth mom :) Well deserved. By the way, my corner of the room needs a sweep - got a brush handy?

  5. Sorry, Dude; I neglected to mention that cleaning is my top phobia. ;-)

    PS: I notice you and a bunch of bloggers did a "First Loves" theme for May 14 - how did y'all know/find out about that in advance? Is there a newsletter or something????? ;-) No, but seriously, I had no idea that was coming up.

  6. eekk so I'm only three days late seeing this! Thanks :D

    1. LOL - what matters is, you saw it! :-) I'm still working on balancing blogging with my writing, with reading A to Z blogs I've not yet "met," with keeping up with new A to Z blog pals. Gah! :-D I haven't figured it out yet, but hope I do soon!

    2. Tell me about it!! I think I've only blogged twice since A to Z finished! And only got to one or two blogs more on the Linky List!

    3. Word. Didn't visit any new folks today, as I wanted to catch up with folks on my blog roll. Also behind on blogging. ::sighs::

    4. I put in some effort and I think I've looked at 80 odd. And even put together a post. However it's all I've done for the last four hours. Life/blogging balance: FAIL

    5. Kudos to you! It's more than I've been able to manage.

  7. I much prefer good song lyrics to much poetry. It depends, but generally I tend to be more musically minded.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I think it's the addition of the melody. Go around reciting poetry to yourself, people think you're crackers. Go around lightly chanting a tune, and it ain't no big thing...though I suppose it could depend upon whatever you happen to be singing, too...

  8. This was fun to read! Pablo Neruda is my favorite poet.. love love love him. I'm not into poetry that much otherwise. Whenever I close my eyes to imagine myself in a relaxing place its always on the beach, at sunset with warm sand and gentle waves. But, I would love to live deep in the woods somewhere far away from anyone else :)


  9. Thanks for the comment and the link :)


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